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Acer was fairly prominent as a retail computer brand in the U.S. in late 90s, but completely disgraced itself here and mostly retreated from the U.S. market. They went on to acquire several low end consumer brands in the U.S. that had equally disgr...
AdeptusTech Talk12-31-2008 at 01:31 AM
RE: Private Folder
Mike pointed you to the right solution. Make sure you are doing it correctly and the procedure is successful, and it should work. It is highly unlikely that EFS is a part of your problem, given that it is availabe in XP Professional only and you ind...
AdeptusTech Talk12-29-2008 at 07:11 PM
Specs isn't everything. Good design and quality are at least as important. At least you didn't get the Acer. :)
AdeptusTech Talk12-29-2008 at 05:52 AM
RE: Service Pack 3 annoyance
This is not a common SP3 problem, because millions of people running XP SP3 don't have it. It shouldn't matter whether you upgraded or used a slipstreamed install, either. It is something about your hardware or software, and it sounds more like s...
AdeptusTech Talk12-27-2008 at 06:10 PM
RE: Tech problem: Can't get into Hotmail, Gmail, Messenger...
For what it's worth, I don't think the two reasons the PayPal representative gives in that article are very serious or even valid. I personally always turn the so called "phishing filters" off because I can't be bothered with all the alerts the...
AdeptusTech Talk12-23-2008 at 05:08 AM
RE: speedstream 4200
While your reasoning about why it should be possible is sound, the practical difficulty is that there isn't any writable "hard disk" that you can gain access to and put a few files on. You can only flash the entire firmware in one go, so you woul...
AdeptusTech Talk12-21-2008 at 06:36 PM
RE: backup program
Almost every time I've seen that happening it was caused by a mapped network drive that was unavailable, for whatever reason. Another one was floppy drive being enabled in the BIOS setup, but not actually present in the computer. Simply put, once ...
AdeptusTech Talk12-11-2008 at 01:00 PM
RE: Serious help. Hacked?
Formatting is not "unnecessary" by any means here and definitely the best idea yet. This is different from a regular malware infection because there obviously is an individual actively controlling the machine. Who knows what other backdoors they ...
AdeptusTech Talk12-10-2008 at 04:07 AM
RE: My run in with 81000306
I had the nastiest case with this ever. It may not be exactly the same as yours, but this started happening on my work laptop, at one of our offices only. The error seemed to come back very quickly, as if it didn't even try to connect. It wasn't...
AdeptusSkype & Live Messenger11-29-2008 at 06:28 PM
RE: Computer speed problems...
If your "slowness" isn't your computer but actually your Internet connection, that will probably be something you will have to take up with your ISP.
AdeptusTech Talk11-27-2008 at 07:43 AM
RE: Msghelp IRC issues :(
If you were able to load the webchat at all, that means you could communicate with the server using HTTP (the chat applet is hosted on the server itself). That pretty much leaves blocked ports. Can you connect to any IRC servers on 6667? Some of th...
AdeptusForum & Website11-23-2008 at 08:20 PM
RE: custom ssh client
You probably can, but you will have to research it yourself.
AdeptusTech Talk11-22-2008 at 06:04 AM
RE: custom ssh client
[url]http://the.earth.li/~sgtatham/putty/0.53b/htm ldoc/Chapter7.html[/url] Make yourself a shortcut to plink.exe that supplies all the desired arguments and you will have what you want.
AdeptusTech Talk11-22-2008 at 01:39 AM
RE: CES 2009 anyone?
I will see if I can get the firm to pay for it and if I can fit it on my schedule with the other commitments I already have for January. If I can make it and anyone wishes to share the room with me, it should be free to you -- all my expenses will be...
AdeptusTech Talk11-14-2008 at 05:36 AM
RE: skype + vista = dumb
Not sure whether it would help, but you may wish to try the [url=http://www.skype.com/intl/en/download/skype/w indows/beta/beta_simple.html]Skype Beta[/url]. It seems to handle devices much better. For example, if you plug in a USB headset during t...
AdeptusTech Talk11-09-2008 at 06:47 PM
RE: access query
I think you are getting parenthesis-happy there. I see nothing that calls for use of all those parenthesis. [code]SELECT Table.ID, Table.SNAME, Table.FNAME, Table.L1 FROM table WHERE Table.L1 Like "text**"[/code] ...should be perfectly fine. If ...
AdeptusTech Talk11-03-2008 at 07:05 AM
RE: access query
"SELECT OneThing, AnotherThing, ThirdThing FROM SomeTable"?
AdeptusTech Talk11-03-2008 at 06:47 AM
RE: Safety
The appliance my company uses for web filtering is capable of logging instant messaging content for most of the popular IM services. We don't employ that feature, but turning it on is as easy as ticking a checkbox.
AdeptusSkype & Live Messenger10-27-2008 at 10:13 PM
RE: How to copy text from a secured pdf?
If printing is allowed and you have Microsoft Office, you can print it to Office Document Image Writer resulting in a TIF or MDI file, then open that in Office Document Imaging and use "Send text to Word" to perform OCR and obtain editable text. ...
AdeptusTech Talk10-27-2008 at 04:42 PM
RE: OTR support in Messenger plus
Actually, simp (a Messenger encryption addon I suggested earlier in this thread) has no trouble detecting whether the other user also has it and handling the key exchange, completely transparently. There are no visible "pings" or any other indicat...
AdeptusWLM Plus! General10-24-2008 at 07:01 AM
RE: OTR support in Messenger plus
Also, the free [url=http://www.secway.fr/us/products/simplite_msn /home.php]Simp Lite[/url] or the paid for version (if you require its features) work very well with all versions of Messenger, with or without Plus!. Some might consider it less trust...
AdeptusWLM Plus! General10-15-2008 at 12:15 AM
"The password you entered is incorrect. If you have forgotten your password, click [size=4][color=red][u][b]here[/b][/u][/color][/siz e]. Otherwise, go back and try again." That, minus the emphasis, is the message you get when you enter the password...
AdeptusForum & Website09-30-2008 at 08:07 PM
RE: Finding Pop3/imap settings from outlook webmail
POP3 and IMAP are not enabled by default in Exchange. If your administrator enabled them, in most configurations they would run on the same server(s) as OWA (webmail), so you can try that and see what happens. Of course, you could also try asking ...
AdeptusTech Talk09-30-2008 at 03:27 AM
RE: putty client behaviour?
I think you missed the word "from" in your screenshot. TCP connections bind a random port to establish an outbound connection. It is not "connecting to random ports", only doing what any program making an outbound connection would do.
AdeptusTech Talk09-28-2008 at 06:41 PM
RE: System Fan Failure
My guess is that your generic case came with a fan that isn't equipped with a fan speed sensor, or perhaps even a fan that connects directly to the power supply. A fan with a speed sensor will have 3 wires and connect to the motherboard like this:...
AdeptusTech Talk09-23-2008 at 01:41 AM
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