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RE: two WLM's?
So you can use more than one account at the same time.
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger08-19-2007 at 08:54 AM
RE: Windows Live Mail opening in Firefox?
Ofcourse it is. He wants the mail icon in WLM to open his email in firefox, normally it opens in IE, stuffplug lets you open it in your default browser.
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger08-14-2007 at 09:18 AM
RE: Windows Live Mail opening in Firefox?
No there is a trick that makes it work for 8.5 aswell. http://www.stuffplug.com/forum/index.php?showtopic =1283
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger08-13-2007 at 07:34 PM
RE: Windows Live Mail opening in Firefox?
I'm sure that there is nothing else that does this. Whats so wrong with Stuffplug?
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger08-13-2007 at 06:48 PM
RE: Help with Message Customizer! Live 1.00.05
I think you have to click on the script button in the contact list and then Message Customizer should be there. Or: Commands /mcabout (no message) Shows the gradient about window /mchelp (no message) Shows the gradient help window /mcconfig (no mes...
ZahidôScripting08-13-2007 at 06:46 PM
RE: tabbed chat
Are you using Arabic as your language? Because in your screenshot there is some Arabic. If you are read this: http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=514 63
ZahidôWLM Plus! Help08-12-2007 at 09:21 AM
RE: Screenshot Sender 4 - 4.1.1 Ver
http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=640 15&pid=702607#pid702607
ZahidôScripting08-11-2007 at 09:23 AM
RE: how to see contact's avatar (pic) on main windows
http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=742 23&pid=814601#pid814601
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger08-10-2007 at 02:01 PM
RE: Messenger Plus 3.60
ZahidôWLM Plus! Help08-09-2007 at 03:44 PM
RE: Alternatives to Windows Live Messenger
WLM 8.5 is still Windows Live Messenger, he wanted an alternative to WLM.
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger08-07-2007 at 06:50 PM
RE: help! how to see who open my dialog box?
ZahidôWLM Plus! Help08-07-2007 at 06:44 PM
RE: help! how to see who open my dialog box?
There is a script that lets you do this for Windows Live Messenger (8.0), but it is not always correct. http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=644 18&pid=706781#pid706781
ZahidôWLM Plus! Help08-07-2007 at 03:40 PM
RE: Help getting rid of Special Symbols 1.0
http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=698 11&pid=768069#pid768069
ZahidôWLM Plus! Help08-06-2007 at 06:57 PM
http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=698 11&pid=768069#pid768069
ZahidôScripting08-03-2007 at 03:35 PM
RE: PSM script?
You'll have to block the people who you don't want to see the psm. Other than that i don't think its possible.
ZahidôScripting08-02-2007 at 06:39 PM
RE: Pop-ups from Messenger?
Are you sure you haven't installed the sponser program? You can check by going to control panel > add/remove programs > Messenger plus live > Change / remove > And it will tell you if the sponser is installed or not.
ZahidôWLM Plus! Help08-02-2007 at 06:37 PM
RE: need help with now playing script
http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=610 21&pid=673100#pid673100
ZahidôScripting08-02-2007 at 09:27 AM
RE: Alert Notification for Opened Conversation Windows
Just 7.5 and under.
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger07-31-2007 at 09:18 AM
RE: Where's My T-Shirt?
That finished a long while ago.
ZahidôGeneral Chit Chat07-30-2007 at 05:57 PM
RE: Alert Notification for Opened Conversation Windows
ZahidôSkype & Live Messenger07-30-2007 at 04:40 PM
RE: contact list who deleted u off their list
Use the Messenger Plus Live Contact list clean-up tool. If it says he does not have you it means he has deleted you.
ZahidôScripting07-30-2007 at 02:57 PM
RE: Boost personal msg on msn live
The bottom one. The top one is called display name.
ZahidôScripting07-30-2007 at 02:53 PM
RE: Boost personal msg on msn live
I made a typing error, mess patch is compatible with Messenger plus [b]and[/b] most add-ons.
ZahidôScripting07-30-2007 at 10:03 AM
RE: So it's all over..... (Beware: Harry Potter spoilers!)
Story was good (y), i knew snape was still on the good side. The ending was good, but the way harry named his children james, lily was a bit lame. I think it should have explained how lupin and tonks died.
ZahidôGeneral Chit Chat07-30-2007 at 09:58 AM
RE: Boost personal msg on msn live
No you don't, mess patch is compatible with Messenger Plus Live most add-ons.
ZahidôScripting07-30-2007 at 08:37 AM
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