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RE: Status Notification Changes
hey, thanks for that second script however, i just tried it and i'm not getting any notifications i'm guessing u just replace the 'johndoe@hotmail.com', 'johndoe2@hotmail.com', etc with the e-mail addresses u want the notifications for? do they...
djdannyp03-27-2006 at 12:36 AM
RE: Status Notification Changes
still having no joy with the sounds.... had another thought though......could the first script (that shows all notifications except offline) be modified to show for just one or two e-mail addresses? i know it was mentioned that it would be possible, ...
djdannyp03-26-2006 at 10:41 PM
RE: Status Notification Changes
thanks for that script matty, works a treat i've been doing some looking around for about the past hour to see about implementing sounds. i think u might have to use the "playSound" function, but i can't for the life of me figure it out. would a...
djdannyp03-26-2006 at 08:15 PM
RE: Status Notification Changes
you'd have thought so, lol seriously, i'm no good with any of this programming malarkey! i wouldn't know where to start. also u got any ideas about sounds? it's much appreciated if u can make this script work (without sounds is alright, but with...
djdannyp03-26-2006 at 05:13 PM
RE: Tabs bug: Switching Contacts
djdannyp03-26-2006 at 02:21 PM
RE: *.plsc
i think it's a format for plus script packs that patchou/others will release on the main site in time when the full version is out
djdannyp03-26-2006 at 09:13 AM
RE: Status Notification Changes
does this mean it can be "fixed"?? sorry for the absolute "n00b"-ness but programming is something i never, ever got the hang of at A Level Computing!! any ideas for sounds too? cos if u can have sounds added in then it'd be the perfect script :...
djdannyp03-25-2006 at 11:30 PM
RE: Status Notification Changes
thanks for that very quick and helpful reply u think i should bring it up in suggestions that Patchou implements that function, or will he pick up on it from here? anyone else think they can help with sounds for if/when this function does get impleme...
djdannyp03-25-2006 at 10:15 PM
Status Notification Changes
grr.....typed this once then it wouldn't let me add the attachment and lost it all :@ i've kinda posted on this subject before, but it was kinda as part of something else. -dt- kindly made a script (attached to this post) to show status change noti...
djdannyp03-25-2006 at 08:16 PM
RE: Confused :S
Just something i've noticed recently....contacts going Offline does not produce a notification. All other status chances do.....Idle, Brb, Away, Out to Lunch, Busy (not sure about on the phone - probably tho)....but offline notifications don't com...
djdannyp03-23-2006 at 11:25 AM
RE: Confused :S
actually this is the scripting area and how can i beta test scripts if i don't have any...... don't complain on behalf of other people. i can't make people do things they don't want to.....they'll only follow up my requests if they want to.......
djdannyp03-21-2006 at 08:19 PM
RE: Confused :S
edited above post......just bumping so that ppl can see the edit
djdannyp03-21-2006 at 11:16 AM
RE: Boss Protection
surely that's a WLM bug if the alert screen keeps comig back when u tell it to disappear?
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 06:08 PM
RE: Turn on what I'm listening to - bug
i'm also getting a bug where only the song title displays and not the artist (but the artist is logged with the Event Logger) can anyone confirm that this is a WLM bug? i suspect it is, but Plus picks up on the artist so it must be getting through ...
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 06:06 PM
RE: Boss Protection
can't you just check the box to not show you these messages?
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 05:56 PM
RE: Messenger Crashes. Plus related?
u might wanna send the crash log/debug file to patchou as well so that he can see if it is MsgPlus causing the crashes
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 02:31 PM
RE: Log Viewer
yeah, but MsgPlus gives the folder names it'd be possible to sort by date created/modified (cos the folder will be created on the first of the month) rather than alphabetically
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 02:29 PM
RE: Confused :S
thanks, that'd be great if u can sort out the selective e-mails thing also what about making it so that it only alerts u when someone goes offline, rather than away/busy, etc? would there be some way to have it show everything for some contacts, a...
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 02:25 PM
RE: Confused :S
sweet, that works now i know it's a bit much, but would it be possible to have sounds on the notifications too? like maybe the same sound that MsgPlus 3 used? the opening a chat thing doesn't bother me quite so much. also possibly some way of dist...
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 12:29 PM
Log Viewer
Just something I noticed If you have Chat Logs arranged in folders by date then in the chat log viewer, the folders are listed alphabetically, so at the moment i have: February 2006 January 2006 March 2006 this is just the chat logs for this term at ...
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 12:18 PM
RE: Confused :S
thanks for that script......but how do i actually use it - really not getting this :S i put it into a subfolder in the scripts folder and MsgPlus says that it's running.....but i'm not getting any notifications. To add it I had to create a new scr...
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 12:05 PM
RE: Confused :S
thanks for the replies.....but does anyone have an idiots guide for how to use any of these scripts that have been posted? also could people provide clear descriptions of what they add as sometimes it's unclear for people who don't read code and so...
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 09:15 AM
Confused :S
Okay, i'm a little confused here and please no-one shoot me for asking this question: Can we actually use scripting yet to make MP!L do extra things? I'm not attempting to write any scripts myself as i realise my talent doesn't lie in this area......
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 12:57 AM
RE: RAM usage
bit immaterial really cos let's face, it if u've got a problem with RAM usage caused by one add-on then you should consider upgrading :P RAM is so cheap nowadays anyway
djdannyp03-20-2006 at 12:51 AM
RE: Beta site news
yeah, and given how everyone testing is an MSN user the chances are they'll be notified of an e-mail quicker than they'd check a website, lol
djdannyp03-19-2006 at 09:08 PM
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