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Which one? Please Help
Just want to know what you think is better windows live messenger, msn messenger 7.5 or messenger beta 8.0 beacause i do not know which one to switch to
JadeRovoSkype & Live Messenger04-21-2006 at 05:42 PM
RE: Plugin about conversations done?
can you use this with the new msn 8.0
JadeRovoPlug-Ins04-21-2006 at 11:21 AM
RE: Get Mentioned by me in my next video (NON-Spam Version) aka (Your chance of fame....)
me me me pick me i have already pm ya so get back to me (K)
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 11:04 AM
RE: BF2: euro force
you need to patch because you downgraded it
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 10:56 AM
RE: what this music in this video
linkin park are mint ;)
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 10:50 AM
RE: proof dies
ok(Y) R.I.P Thread
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 10:17 AM
RE: proof dies
yeah he retired but there is alot of rumours he is bringing out a new song following up his divorce with kim. :o i cannot beleive he has divorced her already and again :o
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 10:02 AM
RE: Silent Hill
yeah if it is good pm me if i am online. i played the game its alright but the film looks really good:d
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 09:52 AM
RE: proof dies
aw i heard. sad news. eminem rules though:D
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 09:51 AM
RE: funny cat video
try this one it is a cat say hello funny: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/77460/talking_cats/
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 09:48 AM
RE: The Lost Thread *SPOILERS*
i know we are over this but i still cannot get over what lockes dad did to him. :( it nearly made me :'( and made me really :@ but omg i really am in (L) with sawyer. jade rotheram (L) josh holloway
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 09:22 AM
RE: Prison Break
Micheal is very very very very(6) SEXY (6)sorry about the caps but he deserves them. i think i (L) him oj
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 09:18 AM
RE: Riddles
crimcz yeah you were right i forgot about that part of the riddle :$ heres a really easy one: a man walks into a bar on a tuesday and a women asks how he hurt his head. how did he?
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-21-2006 at 09:05 AM
RE: [split] Start bar disappeared
I am having a problem with mycomputer also. the start bar at the bottom has disappeared what do i do??
JadeRovoTech Talk04-20-2006 at 11:37 PM
RE: Riddles
a man is put in a concrete room with no windows or doors at all. all he has is a table and a saw. how does he get out?
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-20-2006 at 10:24 PM
RE: Xbox 360 or new computer?
i would say get a new computer. even though it is the more expensive option, because you can use the P.C for a variety of things including gaming and it has the same if better graphics than the X-box and it has more memory. You can get nearly all of ...
JadeRovoGeneral Chit Chat04-20-2006 at 10:18 PM
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