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RE: Spleak Problem
Apparently Spleak was shut down, I don't know why, it just was. [quote=wikipedia]On 24th October 2008 it was announced on The Spleak blog and in the Spleak's Windows Live Messenger name, that Spleak would be shutting down. From the following day, ...
High Speed ChaserWLM Plus! General10-26-2008 at 09:46 AM
RE: Aussies: Theres no place like home
That's why I'm building a house underwater![hr]Seriously though I only seen a big spider a few time down here. [b]I guess [/b]they are more common in the tropical parts of Australia like Cairns where the photo was taken.
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat10-26-2008 at 07:20 AM
RE: Cannot sign into the new public beta
I get the same error code. No matter what WLID, it doesn't sign in. WLM beta doesn't sign in either.
High Speed ChaserSkype & Live Messenger09-24-2008 at 09:54 AM
RE: Windows Live Messneger 9.0: New Beta
Doesn't work for me :(! On my laptop as soon as a start messenger it comes up with messenger had to close, do you want to send an error report to Microsoft! On my desktop it takes ages to sign in and then it just hangs on the sign in screen. With ma...
High Speed ChaserSkype & Live Messenger09-17-2008 at 01:39 PM
RE: Msn can't sign in?
I can log in now.
High Speed ChaserSkype & Live Messenger09-11-2008 at 02:13 PM
RE: Msn can't sign in?
Don't worry people. Everything is OK! [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/images/msn_status .jpg[/img][hr] I wish they actually changed this when there are server problems[hr]Damn it. Now the server getting overloaded here.
High Speed ChaserSkype & Live Messenger09-11-2008 at 12:12 PM
CTU skin
I'm a big 24 fan and I was wondering if someone could make a CTU based skin? Something based of loosely on [url=http://xslider13.deviantart.com/gallery/]thes e wallpapers[/url]. I'm not sure how copyright would work but I would love a CTU skin. Th...
High Speed ChaserSkin Requests09-07-2008 at 01:43 AM
Would you install Google Chrome?
After a lot of talk I'm curious to know, would you install Google Chrome? [url]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?ti d=85729&page=1[/url]
High Speed ChaserPoll Center09-06-2008 at 11:46 AM
RE: What is scientology?
[url=http://www.southparkzone.com/episodes/912/Tra pped-in-the-Closet.html]Clicky[/url] (another site) [i][u]Disclaimer[/u][/i] /me cannot be held responsible for the legality of the website. This is apparently the one that Isaac Hays (Chef) left bec...
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat08-26-2008 at 09:37 AM
RE: Pitter Patter...
Congrats! Reminds me of the April fools joke, when Plus! was sold to MS and the scan picture from google. Good times :)
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat08-22-2008 at 11:35 AM
RE: SWF Exploit
I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this but what can you do to prevent and stop hackers (besides monitoring logs)?
High Speed ChaserForum & Website08-16-2008 at 02:57 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live 4.70 + Contest
My bad! :$ [hr] The other 3 go to Patchou, Willz and [s]WDZ if he updates the forums [/s] to me
High Speed ChaserAnnouncements & News08-10-2008 at 10:49 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live 4.70 + Contest
Thanks for the update Patchou. I hope it's not like last time.
High Speed ChaserAnnouncements & News08-10-2008 at 04:23 AM
RE: [Release] URL Preview 1.0.1
Thanks Mynetx for a wonderful script. I love it and it should be published.
High Speed ChaserScripting08-09-2008 at 01:25 PM
RE: Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
I disagree. The smoke wasn't from the fire works as the amount of smoke illuminated was too much to be caused by Fireworks. Every New Years I see fireworks on the TV and you can just make out the smoke if you look. During the ceremony it was way to...
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat08-09-2008 at 12:38 PM
RE: Touch Innovation
The bar kept sliding down to far to the point where I can click on the last few links. Otherwise its good!
High Speed ChaserTech Talk08-09-2008 at 09:49 AM
RE: Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics
Did you guys see all the smog around the stadium? it was more evident during the fireworks and the outside lighting of Beijing [Sorry if I spelt it wrong]. That can't be good for people with asthma. I liked the drums as well. And the type writer ...
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat08-09-2008 at 04:47 AM
RE: Aussie Schoolies Week '08
So we can still meet on the Gold Coast next year? We don't have to go party or get smashed. Maybe have a couple of drinks (I'm not a big drinker, only 2-3)
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat08-07-2008 at 09:29 AM
RE: Aussie Schoolies Week '08
Lucky I have a place I can stay
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat08-06-2008 at 06:47 AM
RE: Can't sign in to WLM, error code: 8100030d
I believe lots of accounts are stored on different severs. Thus if one sever goes another sever other sever still work. This means your primary account wont work but accounts on different severs still work.
High Speed ChaserSkype & Live Messenger08-05-2008 at 09:00 AM
RE: Weird powersurge or something
Yes What colour were the clouds?
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat07-20-2008 at 11:37 AM
RE: NDP against Canadian cell phone cash-grab
In Australia we don't get charged full stop for receiving text messages. It works well for the consumers and phone companies.
High Speed ChaserGeneral Chit Chat07-12-2008 at 06:57 AM
RE: offline message
I don't think there is a time limit.
High Speed ChaserSkype & Live Messenger06-21-2008 at 08:51 AM
RE: Encryption suggestion (important)
But encrypting data for the purpose of hiding it from the military might still be illegal. There might be loop-whole in the law though.
High Speed ChaserWLM Plus! General06-21-2008 at 05:30 AM
RE: Firewall vs Anti-Virus
Firewall is supposed to monitor connections to the internet not scan an incoming connection for viruses. Firewalls also prevent malicious programs from transmitting private information to the internet. They can also prevent your computer from being c...
High Speed ChaserTech Talk06-21-2008 at 05:20 AM
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