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RE: Button?
@LuckyMe: you can do it by specifying some attributes :D [code] <Button AccRole=57 Class="TransparentButton" Layout=flowlayout(0,2,0,2) Active=MouseandKeyboard|NoSyncFocus Padding=rect(5,4,5,4)> <urlelem AccDesc="whatever =P" AccName="whatever...
felipExSkinning04-11-2008 at 12:08 AM
RE: [suggestion] Remove all files before import option in ScriptInfo.xml
maybe Patchou have to delete all js files (*.js) or rename them (as .txt for example) before importing the new ones, that could be easier :P
felipExScripting04-08-2008 at 10:49 PM
RE: [Resource] Subclassing ActiveXObjects (and [Release] TabbedStatusIcon too!)
Hi :] phalanxii: i'm not totally sure if it's correct, but it works fine here [code]var GWL_WNDPROC = -4 var lpPrevWndProc = 0 function OnEvent_Initialize() { if(Messenger.MyStatus > 0) OnEvent_SigninReady(); } function OnEvent_SigninReady() { f...
felipExScripting03-28-2008 at 05:00 AM
RE: Missing Blank Space in spanish installation
... in my opinion, it's the clearest translation for we all hispanic users ;D
felipExTranslation03-26-2008 at 10:21 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live 4.60 is out
Thanks Patchou, i love the new features :) meh, i knew about it because PortalMes.com (a dodgy spanish website) was talking about a [url=http://www.portalmeslive.com/index.php?Ver=No vedades&Id=3694]rumour[/url]... :/ /me downloads and installs r...
felipExAnnouncements & News03-19-2008 at 09:19 PM
RE: Developers heart felt wish!
Sorry for 'reviving' this thread, but i wonder if [url=http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms64 8742(VS.85).aspx][b]DdeCallback[/b][/url] can be done with 4.51 :D Edit: i'd like to implement a small DDE client :cheesy:
felipExScripting03-19-2008 at 07:24 PM
RE: [?] Invoke first personalised status
It works fine here :) [code]var h = Messenger.ContactListWndHandle; if (!h) h = Interop.Call('user32', 'FindWindowW','MSNHiddenWindowClass',''); Interop.Call('user32', 'PostMessageW', h, 0x0111 /* WM_COMMAND */, 7700 /* wParam (cmdid) */,...
felipExScripting02-20-2008 at 01:08 AM
RE: WLM Hooking Tutorial Mentions Plus!
Thank you for the link, i'm not really interested on it atm, but i found Deviare API which is really useful... :)
felipExTech Talk02-16-2008 at 12:49 AM
RE: [Testing] CViewer (Version 1.0)
I made some changes again. [code]var wnd var trans = 75 var WS_EX_LAYERED = 0x80000 var LWA_ALPHA = 0x2 var GWL_STYLE = -20 var LVNI_SELECTED = 0x2 var LVM_FIRST = 0x1000 var LVM_GETITEM = LVM_FIRST + 5 var LVM_GETNEXTITEM = LVM_FIRST + 12 ...
felipExScripting02-05-2008 at 10:40 PM
RE: [Testing] CViewer (Version 1.0)
It's really useful (Y), but when your script is initialized for first time an error is shown in the [i]Scripting Debugging window[/i] and sometimes, one of the applications suddenly crashed ending with a #51 error. [code]Script is starting Script is...
felipExScripting02-03-2008 at 04:40 PM
RE: scripting help in spanish...
nobody have enough time to translate... if you need help, please come to the [img]http://foro.msgpluslive.es/favicon.ico[/img] [url=http://foro.msgpluslive.es/]Spanish forum[/url] :cheesy:
felipExTranslation01-02-2008 at 07:40 AM
RE: [?] Hiding Buttons and Search
i don't know if it's correct, but it works fine here :) [size=1]* Search button in the conversation window[/size] [code]<element id=atom(searchbtnbk) class="SendButtonBk" layout=Filllayout() layoutpos=left padding=rect(4,0,0,0)> <button id=atom(...
felipExSkinning12-24-2007 at 12:14 AM
RE: Live! site won't load
felipExForum & Website12-09-2007 at 04:35 AM
RE: Spanish Translator
The spanish translation team said that.. if they'll need a new translator, they'll pick someone which spanish is his/her natal language ;o [size=1]* The spanish translation team is closed :tongue:[/size]
felipExTranslation12-08-2007 at 07:16 PM
RE: [Release] WLMStatus 1.30.49 - Easy Web Display of your Messenger Status
then, no image was loaded... i re-opened the window and all worked fine :D
felipExScripting12-08-2007 at 12:59 AM
RE: Close Chat Window
it's basically what matty said, but.. using API [code]var oChatWnd = Messenger.OpenChat("[i]johndoe@hotmail.com[/i]") ; Interop.Call("user32", "SendMessageW", oChatWnd.Handle, 0x10 /*WM_CLOSE*/, 0,0);[/code] ;)
felipExScripting12-06-2007 at 09:16 PM
RE: Can you guess what's coming?
felipExAnnouncements & News12-06-2007 at 06:56 AM
RE: My own msg with SendMessage
felipExScripting12-05-2007 at 07:09 AM
RE: [Request] Link in status message?
you're completely right =] [url=http://img466.imageshack.us/img466/1368/links instatusmessagemf2.png][img]http://img466.imagesha ck.us/img466/1368/linksinstatusmessagemf2.th.png[/ img][/url] but, WLM9 has that feature :D
felipExScripting12-05-2007 at 02:47 AM
RE: Let's talk about Messenger Plus! 4.50
Release it on the 2nd :P
felipExAnnouncements & News11-25-2007 at 08:36 PM
RE: Save video calls
Have you tested [url=http://ml20rc.msnfanatic.com/]MSN Webcam Recorder[/url]? you can also save and export the video into AVI format ;)
felipExWLM Plus! Help11-18-2007 at 06:13 AM
RE: First glimpse of version 4.50
you're kidding, right? (A) the new script editor seems to be useful (Y) [size=1]* i stopped develop my own script editor :tongue:[/size]
felipExAnnouncements & News11-17-2007 at 11:01 PM
RE: [Release] WLMStatus 1.30.49 - Easy Web Display of your Messenger Status
Suggestion: Loading images of 'image settings window' in the client side could be better, fast and would help a lot to your server (A)
felipExScripting11-12-2007 at 07:45 PM
RE: [Release] WLMStatus 1.30.49 - Easy Web Display of your Messenger Status
x2 [img]http://felipex.net/emoticons/%5E%5E.gif[/img] Suggestion: make it 100% customizable, allowing upload our custom background-image & specify the position and format (color, font-face, bold...) for titles at the image. [size=1]i hope you've ...
felipExScripting11-09-2007 at 11:32 PM
RE: MSN PHP class
Are you using the [url=http://www.fanatic.net.nz/2005/02/15/send-a-m essage-using-php/]sendMsg class[/url]? I've tested it on [i]localhost[/i] using [url=http://wampserver.com/]WAMP[/url] with [i]SSL[/i] support ([i]php_openssl[/i], a PHP extension )...
felipExSkype & Live Messenger11-06-2007 at 06:36 PM
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