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RE: send/receive files
Jared, Which Windows version are you using - Vista or Win 7? 32-bit or 64-bit?
mynetxWLM Plus! Help03-15-2011 at 06:13 PM
RE: [SOFTWARE-5.00.702] /checkupdates command
mynetxWLM Plus! Bug Reports03-15-2011 at 08:05 AM
[SOFTWARE-5.00.702] /checkupdates command
On Messenger Plus! 5.00.702, the /checkupdates command does not trigger the auto-update to Plus! 5.01.706. Instead, this dialog box appears: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (6.1.7600) Windows Live Messenger 15.4.1109 Messenger Plus!
mynetxWLM Plus! Bug Reports03-14-2011 at 06:35 PM
RE: @Yuna: How many screwups does it take?
Strongly agree. I even believe that there is an automatic build number increaser in Visual Studio, especially in Team Foundation Server version that Yuna is using.
mynetx03-08-2011 at 07:37 PM
RE: [SOFTWARE] MPTools.exe /RestartMessenger long delay?
Takes 3 seconds until a second WLM icon appears in the notification area and the first goes away. Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 (6.0.6002) Windows Live Messenger 15.4.3508.1109 Messenger Plus!
mynetx03-04-2011 at 03:16 PM
RE: [WEB] Various URL/Redirection/SSL/Server Issues
Trunten, Please check your inbox for an e-mail like this: You can find it using the web mailer at [url]https://mail.msgpluslive.net/[/url], signing in with your full @msgpluslive.net address as username along with your password.
mynetx02-22-2011 at 07:26 AM
RE: How to Unlock MSN?
Hello KBfan, please press the same shortcut that you used for locking it, default is Ctrl+Space.
mynetxWLM Plus! Help02-21-2011 at 02:20 PM
RE: How to Unlock MSN?
mynetxWLM Plus! Help02-19-2011 at 07:55 PM
RE: [WEB] Various URL/Redirection/SSL/Server Issues
Unless the certificate expires and they need to install a new one. The new hash can be sent with a minor Plus! update, yet possibly some users will refuse to update Plus! and get problems.
mynetx02-19-2011 at 11:01 AM
RE: [WEB] URL migration
Too bad. Old URLs to scripts and skins are now wasted to error pages. :'( [url]http://www.msgpluslive.net/skins/view/7-Apple -Live-Messenger/[/url]
mynetx02-18-2011 at 05:38 PM
RE: Change screenname?
Hello Terra, Windows Live Messenger 2011 always uses the name you set in your Windows Live Profile - there is thus no direct way to set a custom nickname. The workaround is to change your Windows Live Profile name. You can enter a new combination of ...
mynetxSkype & Live Messenger02-16-2011 at 06:04 PM
RE: Plus! 5 chat logs on WLM 2011
Are you saving chat logs locally or online?
mynetxWLM Plus! Help02-12-2011 at 04:12 PM
RE: Help needed with showing my own element under personal message
Yes, with skins you can create new elements. Please note, though, that they will only show on your end, not on the end of your contacts.
mynetxScripting02-12-2011 at 01:53 PM
RE: Help needed with showing my own element under personal message
The script shows a currently playing song, with a function similar to mine above. So, it is not inserting a new field.
mynetxScripting02-12-2011 at 01:03 PM
RE: Help needed with showing my own element under personal message
[code=jscript]function setNowPlaying(enabled, type, format, title, artist, album, contentID) { if (typeof(type) == "undefined") type = "Music"; if (typeof(format) == "undefined") format = ""; if (typeof(title) == "undefined") title = "...
mynetxScripting02-12-2011 at 12:40 PM
RE: [?] Unlock Messenger key sequence...
Yes, this feature has been simplified. The shortcut for unlocking Messenger is now the same as for locking Messenger.
mynetxWLM Plus! Help02-12-2011 at 12:36 PM
RE: Release delayed-Online chat logs to be deleted
What kind of issues?
mynetx02-07-2011 at 10:24 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 5 information
mynetxAnnouncements & News02-05-2011 at 05:12 PM
RE: Unwanted Script in Hotmail
Firefox 4 has not yet been released, how can you be running Firefox 5?
mynetxTech Talk02-05-2011 at 12:35 PM
RE: Unwanted Script in Hotmail
Hello Pamela, To help diagnose the problem, please answer the following: Which Windows version (XP, Vista, 7) and which web browser (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, etc.) are you using?
mynetxTech Talk02-05-2011 at 11:55 AM
RE: Windows Live Messenger Build 14 (2009) failed to open
Did you make sure to quit msnmsgr.exe and wlcomm.exe before running Windows Install Clean Up?
mynetxSkype & Live Messenger02-04-2011 at 10:34 PM
RE: Windows Live Messenger Build 14 (2009) failed to open
mynetxSkype & Live Messenger02-04-2011 at 10:05 PM
RE: Windows Live Messenger Build 14 (2009) failed to open
[url]http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/170/1/E rror-800A0046---Permission-Denied-when-installing- the-Windows-Installer-Cleanup-Utility-in-Windows-V ista.html[/url] says: [quote]To resolve the problem, you need to install the Windows Install Cleanup...
mynetxSkype & Live Messenger02-04-2011 at 09:51 PM
RE: Windows Live Messenger Build 14 (2009) failed to open
Download the files from [url]http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentia ls-xp[/url] instead of http://wle.mx/D22 then.
mynetxSkype & Live Messenger02-04-2011 at 09:37 PM
RE: Windows Live Messenger Build 14 (2009) failed to open
Mer3ii, Please try reinstalling Windows Live Essentials (including Messenger) on your computer. Follow these steps: [list=1][*]Download the Windows Install Clean Up utility from [url]http://wle.mx/D23[/url]. [*]Install the downloaded file msicuu2.exe...
mynetxSkype & Live Messenger02-04-2011 at 09:28 PM
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