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RE: Using Router as a Repeater?
I guess that's a yes, so go for it :P
EzraTech Talk10-12-2008 at 12:49 PM
RE: Using Router as a Repeater?
Depends on the firmware on the router, I know for a fact that DD-WRT can do this, but if we don't know the model/firmware it has, I have no idea.
EzraTech Talk10-12-2008 at 12:44 PM
RE: [split] saving conversations in SkyDrive
Sorry for bumping this old thread but I thought it might be useful also for other people if they search for it and find this thread. You can also use Dropbox, but the same thing applies, you still need to install the software on the computer and that...
EzraWLM Plus! Help10-11-2008 at 11:26 PM
RE: about pop3 mail check
Some POP3 servers incorrectly report the amount of unread messages. There is nothing that plus! can do about this. [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?ti d=21787&pid=282765#pid282765]CookieRevised's reply to email glitching[/url]
EzraWLM Plus! Help10-10-2008 at 03:59 PM
RE: Chipped modems?
cat6 is for gigabit, cat 5 for 100mbit
EzraTech Talk10-02-2008 at 02:51 PM
RE: Chipped modems?
I'd say bull, 100mbit is far above ADSL's theoretical limit. the speeds are probably also capped at some other point than your modem only, so using custom firmware or 'chipped' modem won't do anything. Just get a fiber connection :P
EzraTech Talk10-02-2008 at 02:28 AM
RE: Gyroscopes...
I have a gyroscope like that, not with the long stick tho, just the thing on top. It's a fun thing, only too bad it doesn't have a motor, just a wire that you have to pull to get it to spin. That's exactly what's happening here too, because it ke...
EzraGeneral Chit Chat09-24-2008 at 05:29 PM
RE: Stephen Kings "The Mist"
I thought it sucked, the acting was bad, the storyline about the religious freaks was dumb and the ending was corny. Gave it 0,5 stars
EzraGeneral Chit Chat09-24-2008 at 03:47 PM
RE: once "NxWin.exe" closes, taskkill NxSSH.exe [solved: <3 segosa]
A Batch COULD do it if you used it to start NxWin.
EzraTech Talk09-17-2008 at 10:44 PM
RE: In game overlay?
There is a plugin that does this, however it never worked that well for me, but it's called Appmon, try it out.
EzraScripting09-16-2008 at 03:50 PM
RE: Noise Removal
No problem, sent me a P.M, i'll see what I can do.
EzraTech Talk09-13-2008 at 03:26 PM
RE: Noise Removal
Trying with Soundbooth's Noise Removal Filter. Noise Filter didn't work so I simply removed the higher frequencies where the noise was.
EzraTech Talk09-12-2008 at 07:15 PM
RE: blocking spam messages based on key words
Enable the feature where all people are blocked by default except the people you accept in your list.
EzraWLM Plus! General09-12-2008 at 03:47 PM
RE: How to lower bandwith usage on one computer?
If it has QoS then yes, search for it and set it so that your computers all get the same share of the bandwidth. Else put [url=http://dd-wrt.com/]DD-WRT[/url] on your router, that has QoS management.
EzraTech Talk09-11-2008 at 07:53 PM
Decent price for standard blog installation
What do you guys think is a decent price to ask to install a standard blog installation like wordpress? It's probably about 30 minutes work if everything goes alright. What do you think? [size=2]Hosting and stuff is already taken care of, just need ...
EzraGeneral Chit Chat09-08-2008 at 05:33 PM
RE: Script Snippit Examples?
Snippets: http://mpscripts.net/code.php
EzraScripting09-03-2008 at 02:05 PM
SweetIM looking for Msgplus! users
SweetIM has a new beta version that has compatibilty with Msgplus!, however they are looking for testers to make sure this is correctly working. http://www.sweetimblog.com/?p=120 [size=1]I am in no way affiliated with SweetIM[/size]
EzraWLM Plus! General09-02-2008 at 03:54 PM
RE: FormatCodes when sending files
If it's NOT a RTB, it could remove the formatting and show the normal name.
EzraWLM Plus! Bug Reports08-27-2008 at 10:41 PM
RE: What do you think of the ''Twilight'' saga?
[url=http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052520/]The Twilight Zone[/url] is amazing! Don't know about that book you mentioned tho, never heard of it :P
EzraGeneral Chit Chat08-18-2008 at 04:43 PM
RE: Unlimted Nudges?
I think they are still performing some maintenance on the scripts database, so you'll have to wait a bit but you should be able to find it there.
EzraScripting08-15-2008 at 06:50 PM
RE: MPEG to AVI Converter
[url=http://www.mplayerhq.hu/design7/news.html]Men coder[/url] Has no GUI, but it's VERY customizable and fast. I use it too, and it might seem hard to use but the basic functions are pretty straightforward and you can set up profiles, for example if...
EzraTech Talk08-09-2008 at 03:33 PM
RE: Split Ethernet Cable without Router
As I already said, buy a switch, a splitter will not do what you want, the switch will.
EzraTech Talk08-08-2008 at 04:37 PM
RE: Split Ethernet Cable without Router
Then I would suggest you get a switch, put the cable from the router into it and another 2 cables, 1 for your computer and the other one for your x360. Splitters don't allow you to connect two devices to the same network, it doesn't work like a te...
EzraTech Talk08-08-2008 at 03:41 PM
There is no such script that I know of and there are two reasons 1. It's annoying ;-) 2. Plus! has a limit to the number of messages you can send after each other, this way it prevents these kinds of scripts to work. (I'm not sure what the limit is...
EzraScripting07-23-2008 at 02:31 AM
RE: Open page in the background
now you changed it from POST to GET, the send('quote=32') is for the POST variables, adding the variables in the URL string is for GET. And if the script doesn't return anything then you won't use the onreadystate function indeed, maybe only to k...
EzraScripting07-16-2008 at 01:36 PM
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