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stop virus
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O.P. stop virus

many users are infected and these virus make them connect, send a msg with an url and then disconnect

how can I stop this? I am bored to get these msgs

10-29-2008 02:32 AM
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RE: stop virus
Block those users.  Thats the only way to prevent them OR their infected computer from sending a message to you until they get rid of the virus.
10-29-2008 02:36 AM
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RE: stop virus
those things are not always viruses as such

tell those contacts to change their msn password and it's possible that the messages could stop (you'll have to tell them in person though, because when they 'sign on' to msn and send a link, it isn't actually them signing on, it's a site that has got their password
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10-29-2008 06:50 AM
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O.P. RE: stop virus
i don't want to block them

i want to automaticaly close windows that do this annoyance

(sign in -> post an url -> sign out)

i need a script for this
10-29-2008 11:14 PM
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RE: stop virus
I don't think a script could be created to block this. Since it seems due to the face they sign in send a URL and log out your contacts have fallen for a block checker scam, the only way to fix this is to tell them their password has been compromised and need to be changed.
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10-30-2008 06:30 AM
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