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Getting a new camera
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RE: Getting a new camera
As I have mentioned before here recently, I put a lot of trust in camera reviews from these two sites and have not been disappointed:


If you haven't already, check them for reviews of the cameras you are considering, as well as others to consider.  One of those sites (I don't recall which) used to have a regularly updated "best of" list for various camera categories.

When looking at specific models, keep in mind that megapixels is just a number and more doesn't always guarantee a better picture.  That is just the resolution of the sensor.  When it's not matched by an equally sharp lens and low noise levels, all it will give you is a bigger file.

In general, I am biased strongly in favor of Canon.  If there is a Canon that is in your price range and meets your requirements, that's where I would look first.  I have been happy with every Canon camera I've ever had and they all have been passed on fully functional (except for the one I accidentally threw 10 feet and had land on concrete; and even that still worked minus the zoom).

I'm also strongly biased against Sony.  Everybody I know who has had a Sony camera has had theirs break much sooner than it should.  Sony can also stick their proprietary memory sticks up their ass.

Like Canon, Nikon has historically been a photographic equipment company, which I inherently trust more than electronics giants which never made still photo cameras before they turned digital.  Nikon would be my second choice, as far as brand preferences go.

12-19-2010 01:26 AM
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