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O.P. Tongue  IRC (chat) Details
Last updated: March 2007. Please let me know if you find any mistake!

Joining the chat:

If you don't have an IRC client (such as mIRC), you can use the nice Messenger Plus! Web Chat (click for details).

If you have mIRC installed, you can try this Chat Link, but note that this link is for the English channel only. For non-English channels, you can join manually as described below (or use the Web Chat).

Joining the chat manually:

The chat service can be accessed by connecting to irc.msgplus.net with any IRC client software (mIRC is highly recommended for Windows users). The standard IRC port (6667) can be used.

To do this, you can either use your IRC client's graphical user interface, or type the IRC command:

/server irc.msgplus.net

Note that IRC commands must be entered in activity windows (those with an editbox at the bottom). Just like Messenger Plus! commands, all IRC commands normally begin with a / (slash).

Once connected, you need to join a channel ("room"). IRC channel names usually begin with a number sign (#). Each channel has its own unique name which is used to identify it in the server. The channel #msgplus is the main support and chat channel on the server, and it is English only. To join it, you can again use the IRC client's graphical user interface, or just enter the command:

/join #msgplus

This will open a new channel window, where you can type and read messages. In the same way, you can also join any other channel (see list below) by replacing #msgplus with its name. (You can be on multiple channels at once.)

Other channels:

If you don't need support and just want to have a chit-chat, you may also want to join #msgplus.chat or the unofficial #banana.

Aside from the main English-only #msgplus, there are also a few localized support channels like #msgplus.es for Spanish and #msgplus.nl for Dutch (see Web Chat for more).

Notes about localized support channels:
- You may only speak the channel's specific language in it.
- These are Plus! support channels, not chit-chat channels.
- It is always advised to join #msgplus if you know English, as you would probably have a better chance of being answered there.

Lastly, you can join #msgplus.script for scripting help and discussion.

Rules and disclaimer:

Below are a few important snippets from the IRC server's MOTD (so-called "Message Of The Day"). It is shown each time you log into the IRC server, so you can read the rest of it when connecting.

- IRC is an unmoderated medium, and the server administration claims no
- responsibility for the content of the channels on this server nor the
- behavior of its participants.

- Upon connecting to this server, you agree to be scanned for an insecure (open)
- proxy. If you see a connection on port 23, 1080, 3128 or 8080 shortly,
- please disregard it, as it is the detector in action.

- Operators and Server Administrators reserve the right to log conversations and
- IP addresses for legal reasons or otherwise.  Please respect others and enjoy
- your stay!
- E-mail: irc@msgplus.net

Have a nice chat! :)

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06-30-2003 06:03 PM
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O.P. Tongue  RE: IRC (chat) Details
Tips for mIRC users

1. Easy-join alias

mIRC can store a list of aliases, which are similar to Quick Texts in Messenger Plus!. This way, you can create a short alias to easily join the Plus! chat in the future. To do so, simply enter the following command in mIRC (in any window that has an editbox at the bottom):

/alias mp server $iif(($server),-m) irc.msgplus.net:6667 -j #msgplus

After doing that, mIRC should tell you that the alias has been added successfully. Now all you have to do to join the chat is type /mp. This alias will be remembered by mIRC.

If you wish to add more automatically-joined channels to your /mp alias, just use the same command as above with your own list of comma-separated channel names at the end. For example, to make the alias join both #msgplus and #banana, use this command:

/alias mp server $iif(($server),-m) irc.msgplus.net:6667 -j #msgplus,#banana

Each time you use /alias mp, the old /mp alias is overwritten by the new one you specify. I will not elaborate about aliases here - use /help Aliases to learn more about them.

2. Automatic NickServ identification

mIRC can also automatically respond to events on IRC. This allows you to do a great many things, but one of the most common applications is automatic NickServ identification. If you don't intend to register your nickname with NickServ (the IRC nickname registration service) on our server, this tip is useless for you.

(For more information about nickname and channel registration,
type /ns help and /cs help once connected to the server.)

If you have registered your nickname and wish to use automatic NickServ identification, you can use the following remote event script:

on *:NOTICE:please choose a different nick.:?:{
  if ((*.msgplus.net !iswm $server) || ($nick != NickServ)) return
  if ($me == YOURNICK) { .msg NickServ IDENTIFY YOURPASS }

Note that you must replace the highlighted words - YOURNICK and YOURPASS - with the nickname you registered with NickServ and the password you chose for that nickname, respectively.

To add the above script code to mIRC, firstly press Alt+R within mIRC. This should open the mIRC Editor in the Remote section. Now all you have to do is paste the above script lines anywhere in the white editbox. Make sure you copy all the lines exactly as they are, and don't change anything except for YOURNICK and YOURPASS as explained above.

Congratulations, now your mIRC should automagically identify to NickServ for your nickname whenever you connect to the server! [Image: mininana.gif]

3. Advanced version of automatic NickServ identification

(updated June 17th, 2006)

Here's an advanced and paranoid version of the above script:

on *:NOTICE:please choose a different nick.:?:{
  if (*.msgplus.net iswm $server) {
    if ($fulladdress != NickServ!services@msgplus.net) return
    var %list

; List of acceptable server IP addresses
    %list =
    if (!$istok(%list,$serverip,32)) return

; List of acceptable server ports
    %list = 6667 6668 7000 7001
    if (!$istok(%list,$port,32)) return

; List of nicknames that you want to auto-identify for
    if (!$istok(%list,$me,32)) return


This remote script can be added in the same manner as the simple version (it should be put instead of the simple version, and not in addition to it).

Advantages over the simple version:
A. Allows for multiple auto-identified nicknames.
B. Security: Adds a NickServ user@host check, and more importantly server IP address and port checks. This makes sure nobody does any dodgy stuff. :dodgy:

This version may require an update in case the server details are altered. I'll try to keep it up to date. :-/

(BTW: If you use an IRC proxy ("bouncer"), you'll have to add its IP address and listening port to the right places in the above code for it to work right. Although, doing that will render the IP/port check pointless, unless you use your proxy to connect to trusted/known IRC servers only.)

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RE: IRC (chat) Details
Refering to my temporary absense from running IRC while I am away (Here)

As far as IRC goes, I have left several capable and responsible people in charge of it's operation while I am gone. As far as the server goes, TReKiE and wtbw are in charge of the main stuff, keeping things running smoothly. If you are need of assistance, Segosa, Wabz, Patchou and Paul are server operators. (If TReKiE or wtbw wish, they can add SurfiChris too this team as well, that is completely up to them.) As far as the #msgplus channel is concerned, CookieRevised has the final say in it's operation, however I have left Ddunk in charge of the channel as well (He is not an operator). I believe that with Ddunk's amount of activity and Cookie's good judgement, they will be a fine team. I trust each and every one of these people and know that they are all very responsible and mature individuals. I feel confident that together, these people will have no problems keeping IRC up and running to help the users in the Messenger Plus! Community.

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