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50 BETA testers
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O.P. Huh?  50 BETA testers
:lol: Posted by effekt on Friday 13th of August 2004
MessengerDiscovery 2.5 is set to become the best release yet, we are aiming for completely bug free product and a completely awesome product. This way you get your name in the "About" dialog of MessengerDiscovery.

Beta testing topic in forum


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08-13-2004 01:53 PM
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RE: 50 BETA testers
50 Testers isn't wierd for a program such as Messenger Discovery or Messenger Plus!. In fact Plus! had 50 testers or even more while Plus! 2.00 was being tested. It's now a bit less, but still around 30 or 40 i believe.

Every person test things in a diffrent way, and not every tester is able to test on old systems like Windows 98 or even 95, or can test with unicode systems. Yet these things are very important to test too. The more testers the better as long as it doesn't get ridiculous. Also i depends on how experienced testers are and how much time they put into testing. A completely bug free product is something that never happens to any software, but it's always nice to aim for.
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08-13-2004 02:09 PM
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RE: 50 BETA testers
i don't understand this stupid rivality.. but ok..
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08-13-2004 06:06 PM
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RE: 50 BETA testers
Would you guys quit this stupid "I hate MessengerDiscovery because I love Messenger Plus!" attitude? Effekt's intentions aren't to replace Plus! only to provide people with what Plus! lacks for the reason that Plus! isn't a proxy and MessengerDiscovery is. Plus! cannot _easily_ or at all alter packets and so any functions that require this cannot be added. That's where MessengerDiscovery comes in to play.

However, I'll say it again. To each their own.

I won't shove my opinions into your face, you have a right to your own opinions. I personally prefer Messenger Plus!, MessengerDiscovery AND StuffPlug NG. I use it for functionality, not to find ways to bloody prove which one is best.

All the developers have my best wishes and respect. I'm a beta tester for all three applications and so my opinion here, is unbiased. Use them all, that's my recommendation. End this petty "this one is better than that one" fued.

I'm personally sick of it.
08-13-2004 07:54 PM
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RE: 50 BETA testers
Well said.  I've agreed on several occasions, MessengerDiscovery is a great piece of software, just requires a bit more tuning and testing...Dont give me BS on this because when the FIRST version of Plus! was ready im SURE it was the same way!
08-13-2004 08:00 PM
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RE: 50 BETA testers
well i think that they know where they are talking about and he's a tester and i bett that he knows how many there really are testers;)
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08-14-2004 06:32 AM
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