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O.P. Tongue  Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer (3.00.0021)
woohoo, my first Plus!-related program made for the public
with big thanks to fatfreechicken for letting me totally reprogram his tool

>>> Download Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer <<<

(H) Description

All the preferences of Messenger Plus! can be saved. But custom sounds aren't saved when you create a backup of the preferences and many people forget to create a soundpack. If they re-install Messenger Plus! after removing it completely, they suddenly see that all their custom sounds are gone.

This tool will scan the custom sound directory of the user, provided it isn't deleted also, and re-add the found custom sounds again to the sound library of Messenger Plus!.

When private sound libraries are detected the user will be able to select the desired library to add the custom sounds to (screenshot). If a custom sound already exists in the sound library the user can choose to overwrite the sound information or to skip it (screenshot).

:) Usage

Note: You do not need to close MSN Messenger, nor Messenger Plus!

1) Wizard step 1: select for which Messenger Plus! version you want to fix the sound library:
[Image: wizard_screen1.png]

2) Wizard step 2: scan the custom sound directory for sounds:
[Image: wizard_screen2.png]

3) Wizard step 3: mark the desired custom sounds to install:
[Image: wizard_screen3.png]

4) Wizard step 4: install the selected custom sounds:
[Image: wizard_screen4.png]

5) Done... If you now re-open your sound library in Messenger Plus! you'll see that all your missing sounds are added again.

:D Things to know

1) The tool can also run in "simulation mode". When simulation is activated, everything will work just the same but nothing will be physically written to your custom sound library. To get into simulation mode you need to start the program with the parameter "/sim". eg: msgpluslibfix.exe /sim

2) When the tool is started with the parameter "/log" a log file will be created named "c:\msgpluslibfix.log" which will contain the verification result of each processed file.

3) Custom sounds are scanned for errors. So it is quite possible that some (old) sounds will not pass the verification process. These bad sounds are also not valid for Messenger Plus!, hence they will not be added. To see the list of passed, skipped or failed files see the log file.

4) Parameters can be combined. eg: msgpluslibfix.exe /sim /log

5) The listview used in this tool is not unicode compatible, thus unicode characters will be shown as question marks "?". Nevertheless, internally the unicode is handled as it should and information is correctly written to the registry.

6) An easter-egg... but a very un-original one...

7) This program does not contain any malicious code, virus or spyware at all, despite what some virus scanners may say (like AVG). You can absolutely safely ignore any warning. Please report such false warnings to your virus scanner's company and include this tool in your reports so they can fix it.

8-| Dependencies and related errors

Since this tool is written in Visual Basic 6, it needs the VB6 run-time files to be installed on your system. If you've successfully run other VB6 applications (eg: Choli's MsgPlus Tweaker) you have them installed already. If not, you must download the latest ones from Microsoft and install them first: Visual Basic 6.0 Run-Time Redistribution Pack.

This tool also uses the COMCTL32.OCX common controls library. Again, if you have successfully run applications like Choli's MsgPlus Tweaker, you have it already installed. If not, you can download it from various sources on the net. For example from here.

Note: If you're using Windows Vista or above, you'll need to run the regsvr32 command, described in the above link, from an elevated Command Prompt. To open an elevated Command Prompt, click Start > All Programs > Accessories > right click Command Prompt, and then click "Run as administrator".

Note: If you're running a 64-bit OS, the sysem folder described in the above link is C:\Windows\SysWOW64\

For both the above dependencies, it is absolutely mandatory to follow the installment instructions correctly and to the letter!!! Read them carefully before and again after you've downloaded the files. This thread is not about solving problems while installing those required components. The instructions given on the download pages are very clear... But do take the above small print in account.

:( Error Reporting

If you do find an error, first make sure it isn't because of some missing component as described in the previous section.

When posting an error report please provide as much details as possible:
- what is the complete and full error message you got,
- what did you exactly do right before the error,
- what is the sound id of the custom sound which gave the error,
- what is the full and complete version number of MsgPlusLibFix you're using,
- what is your Windows version,
- if possible provide screenshots of the error or faulty behaviour.

(brb) History

- Added support for Messenger Plus! Live

- Added crude logging
- Tweaked scanning process a bit

- Reduced filesize a lot
- Changed some texts

- Added some graphics
- Added XP style manifest
- Added support for older common controls library
- Made scanning procedure waaaay faster
- Fixed mixed language usage on standard messagebox buttons in non-English Windows
- Improved other stuff

- First crude release

:-# To-Do's

Some stuff which will be added... some day... some time... in another galaxy...
- Removal of OCX dependencies
- Unicode support in listview (don't count on it though)

:o) Download (at last)

Right here, down below...
Previous file has been downloaded 16385 times.


For those who want to host this tool: Great, but please don't...... Also don't provide a direct download link.
Instead, you can provide a link to this post, much thanks:



Admin edit: attachment removed (scumware.org reports MsgPlusLibFix.exe Virus identified Obfustat.EVT) False positive on a lot of anti-malware scanners: https://www.virustotal.com/file/5df9a24b389e13b0c10d8df79dc719de07ebf37952ba6d0d8518c33c6c837352/analysis/. The application is fine. If you get a warning when downloading this file, please report it as a false positive to the appropriate software vendor.
=> That report originates from AVG. See posts here and here. However, as explained in the replies to those posts, those are 100% false positives. The download does not contain any type of virus/malware/adware/etc in any way!!! The only thing it does is adding some settings in the registry entries of Messenger Plus! only, nothing else is touched or changed.

.zip File Attachment: MsgPlus Sound Library Fixer.zip (79.21 KB)
This file has been downloaded 1455 time(s).

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09-27-2005 05:17 AM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sounds Library Fixer
Great job! I might put it on my website when it's back online.
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09-27-2005 05:31 AM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
very nice work, cookie :banana:

it looks very professional :gfdrin:
Originally posted by Juzzi
Great job! I might put it on my website when it's back online.
Originally posted by CookieRevised
For those who want to host this tool: Please don't...... Instead provide a link to this post instead:
Messenger Plus! en espaņol:
<< http://www.msgpluslive.es/ >>
<< http://foro.msgpluslive.es/ >>
09-27-2005 10:11 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
Wow great job! I've always wanted to see a program written by you (heard something about you and DOS?).

Nice going! This one is a keeper.
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09-28-2005 01:04 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
Cool program! Very very usefull!
Great work, Cookie! :D
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09-28-2005 01:23 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
Love the presentation Cookie (of your post). For now I dont need this but good to know it exists.
09-28-2005 04:12 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
Good job, usefull tool!
( Sorry any English mistake )
09-28-2005 04:29 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
Thats a great program, you've made it really clear and easy to use (y)
10-04-2005 09:05 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
very nice :)! Your description is great and concise, this will definitly come in handy for people having these problems.
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10-08-2005 01:29 AM
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RE: Messenger Plus! Sound Library Fixer
Originally posted by CookieRevised
- Unicode support in listview (don't count on it though)

Private Sub Form_Load()
    ListView1.Font.Charset = 178
    ListView1.FontName = "Arial"
End Sub

There is your unicode support for the listview :P
10-27-2005 01:55 AM
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