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666 Members !!!
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O.P. 666 Members !!!
Hell-lo everyone...

Just droped by, and saw the the forum has 666 members... yay, what a funny number :s.
Anywayz.. one more and we got 667.... 667*2=1334... and guess how many members we had on the old board when we closed down? yeah!!!! *1334*

So were half way done the old board, nice

But one thing is bothering me...... where is Patchou??? I mean i know he's busy and stuf... but it been a really long time. Does somebody had contact with lately?
If Patchou is busy, that alright (so am i), but i really would like to see new versions of Plus1 soon again....

I think somebody should really have a talk with Patchou or something, to see if he still want's/can create a new Plus! version. If he can/want that great.
But i think if he doesn't want it/has the time anymore Plus! should become a open source project or something like that, serious!!

It may sound a little rude to Patchou, because he has put all his time in it, and with open source people will just take over like Patchou did nothing BUT ofcourse Patchou will always get his credit.. with open source people will only improve his work... and Patchou can focus on other project, or whatever he wants todo.

I'm saying this because there has been no real update of Plus! in an half year now, still Plus! is the most kicking Messenger add-on availible.... i mean.. just take a look on the download statics on mess.be.... Plus! has encredible much users for just an add-on... isn't it time all those users from all around the world get some kind of update?? Man, even people on my school to wich i talk.. wich don't even know i am/was involed in any of the Plus! buisness are saying to my "You know.. that Plus! add-on for messenger.. it's cool, but when the $#% are they gonna update it?"]

So watcha say? Messenger Plus!....... open source?? onother (group of) developer(s)?? Shake Patchou awake and let him make a new version??

Maybe i just seem a little sad, begging for a update like this... but it just would be such a waste to let Plus! die :sad:

Ow, remember, Patchou owns Plus! we can not dicide anything for him. So patchou should be contacted.. maybe he already has plans to continue soon, but if his life is just to busy, or his interests has changed or whatever, i would really like to advice him to consider open source.. or giving the source to somebody else.

(i'm willing to help set up a open source project / change developer or anything.... only i can't code, so IF we do it, we NEED programmer(s))
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06-11-2002 10:37 PM
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The member list is growing fast, but, unfortunately, lots of those members don't post anything... :undecided:

It's been a while since Patchou was here (the last time he logged in was May 6th)... I wonder what he's up to...

I was planning to e-mail him soon and tell him to update the Interactive Agents for the new version of Messenger. I'll also tell him about this thread and maybe he'll post a reply. :happy:

About the open source thing... it's not a bad idea, but Patchou has said that he doesn't want to do that, and it's his decision, of course. Maybe letting someone else (or a group of people) continue development is the best option. With open source, there might be many different versions of MsgPlus, and you wouldn't know which to use and trust.

Hopefully, Patchou will find the time to add more cool features, and a change of developers won't be needed. :happy: I agree that Plus! is the best Messenger addon available, and it becoming abandonware would be bad.
06-12-2002 12:17 AM
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I agree with how it's a shame to let Plus! just die; it is after all the best... But from a personal point of view, if id of spent all my student days, sitting in front of a PC programming a piece of software that is nothing less than excellent, I'd keep the source code locked up.

I think releasing it will open a whole new thing, which may not necessarily be bad, but Plus! will lose its touch, versions will be bug ridden and people will abuse it. I'm not saying a small group would distribute it, but once you open it to one, its a matter of time before the rest follow.

Obviously, that's only my opinion; it's an interesting idea which Patchou will no doubt consider.

06-12-2002 12:23 AM
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Man that first post by Jae was a killer to read  :undecided:

I really think that patchou should decide whether or not he wants to put his spare time (the little he has) into making plus!

If he decides not to then I say get a few of his closer programming friends to continue his work, but if he still wants to get his ass into gear :wink:
06-13-2002 05:53 AM
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