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Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
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RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
hmm.... this world is fuxored....
someone tried to rob me yesterday.....
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09-16-2006 03:27 AM
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RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
Who read the globe and mail article about whos fault this is.

For those who have not, the writer, Jan Wong pratically blames Québec french society and the language laws for this shooting, as well the the previous ones.

I can not even think of what to say about that but thats wrong.

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09-22-2006 01:09 AM
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RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
Originally posted by s7a5
I strongly believe that government needs to develop some sort of programs for people where they can sociallize with other people and stop thinking bad about themselves.
Impossible... unless you put them in a group of people exactly like themselves.... There's always something somebody's going to feel ashamed of or something like that... unless everybody's got the same thing to hide.
09-22-2006 01:28 AM
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RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
Just found this as refrenced by the VampireFreaks.com site.


Someone is trying to get a charity movement up and they bad mouth them. JUST because they are on that site. It's just plain stupid. There is nothing wrong with the site, or the people on it. Lots of things happen on myspace, yet do you see people saying "Go home freaks" to people trying to host charities there? Don't they understand that because 3 members as it mentioned did bad things that not all of them do?

I think not. Dumbasses.
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09-22-2006 01:35 AM
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RE: Dawson College Shooting (Montreal)
Omg thats freaky for the shooter to come, I dunt want it happening to me!
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10-08-2006 12:53 AM
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