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pet help/advise (snake)
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O.P. pet help/advise (snake)
ok i got a snake just before summer ended, and it was fine and all but now thats winter idk about its hybernation habbits or what to do with it, does anyone have one? mine its a rattle garter snake, and im just short on time to go online and look up every single kind there is, so i just want like a general advise on its hybernation habbits. im pretty sure its a female, ''baby'' it isnt too big, may be about 1'3'' (15 inches). last ime i saw it it eyes were grayed (not normal they used to be black, and it was really pissed off too, tried to bite btw :S), and it hides all the time now.
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11-11-2006 11:02 PM
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RE: pet help/advise (snake)
You should probably try a pet store or where you got it from...
11-11-2006 11:54 PM
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RE: pet help/advise (snake)
its not always bad to have a look on the internet but i have to agree with him on that 1. vets are usally good too.
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11-12-2006 12:19 AM
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RE: pet help/advise (snake)
If a snake turns grey... eyes and skin, that might just mean he's getting a new skin. My dad has had a snake.... what you describe sounds pretty much like it.

But it might be something else too, hard to say from here.
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11-12-2006 12:27 AM
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O.P. RE: pet help/advise (snake)
mhnnn yeah i hope so, but im just curios about winter.
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11-12-2006 07:22 PM
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