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Before asking for help...
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O.P. Before asking for help...
Please run down this list of things before you post a thread regarding SkinTraces, a skin setting not working, how to make a skin, etc..

  • For skin requests, please try not to be too hopeful with a custom skin, especially with a picture that you selected (which are usually also too low quality to make a good skin). Skinning a good skin takes lots of time and work, and thus usually something the skinner actually is very interested in. Furthermore, many skin requests are just basic background changes, and do not involve editing other things. The script, Background Changer should fit these needs.

  • If a skin does not work, please revisit the download page of the skin and make sure your skin is compatible with your Messenger! Some of the older skins are not compatible with WLM 2009.

  • Have you read and understood the Skinning Documentation fully? If you don't understand something, read it again before asking about it. Sometimes reading something over can make things make sense (i.e., my science notes :P).

  • Have you checked that the thing in question (i.e., Style/Definition Files, graphics, BoolVals and MultiVals, etc),  have been cited correctly in SkinInfo.xml? If not, then this will NOT generate a skin trace. For skin settings, make sure the default is change you wanted, or that the correct box is ticked in the Skin Settings window.

  • Have you read and understood SkinTrace.txt? Make note of the error, especially the line number and the style/definition/graphic last loaded. Use Ctrl+G (for Notepad) to search for the line number in the corresponding line number. Have you changed anything in that area? Is everything in the line correct (i.e., rcbkd #s, etc.)?

  • Is everything spelled correctly? Some times we type an extra character by accident.

  • Have you read the skinning resources? Some of the tutorials are to introduce you into the world of skinning, while others deal with strange and/or complicated subjects.

  • And last, but not least, have you used the search feature of the forums? If not, please click here to use it.

Thanks for you kind attention! This will keep the forums uncluttered and help you get your problem solved faster.

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04-20-2008 09:30 PM
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RE: Before asking for help...
How about including an "never argue"?
nice "what-to-do" list...this should solve some problems here. ;)
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04-20-2008 09:56 PM
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RE: Before asking for help...
dude, my question may be very stupid, but, do i need to know anything about software develloping to make a skin?? sorry if it is too stupid, but i need to know :P
10-03-2008 01:11 AM
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RE: Before asking for help...
Originally posted by JSCIII
dude, my question may be very stupid, but, do i need to know anything about software develloping to make a skin?? sorry if it is too stupid, but i need to know :P

No, you do need a basic understanding of XML and CSS though, and some knowledge of Photoshop and/or your favourite graphics program.

A good place to learn XML/CSS is W3Schools. Bear in mind that the languages used in Plus! Skins (sans SkinInfo) are slight variations of XML and CSS.
10-03-2008 01:17 AM
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