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Error When Locking Messenger Bug/Suggestion
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O.P. Error When Locking Messenger Bug/Suggestion
Freshly installed XP SP3 with MP!L 4.60 and WLM 8.5. Locking messenger I get a window with the title "MsnMsgr.Exe - Entry Point Not Found" saying "The procedure entry point _ftol2_sse could not be located in the dynamic link library msvcrt.dll" WLM locks and unlocks fine though

While typing this post I have realized this error came about because I had imported my Plus! settings when I installed Plus! These settings have the (default) icon WLM changes to (pointing to C:\WINDOWS\system32\etc etc). Trying to change the location from Plus!'s preferences however I get the error again resulting in the Plus! Preferences window fatally closing. However I'm then able to re-open them and change C: to the drive XP now resides on.

The value for the icon should be %systemroot%\system32\etc etc by default, instead of X:\WINDOWS\system32\etc etc so it will work universally no matter how much I change my drive letters. However trying to change this value to %systemroot% I'm told "the icon path you selected is invalid".

This should probably be changed as to allow %systemroot% to be an appropriate option (if that's even possible) and instead of getting the msvcrt.dll error maybe you could be presented with an option to actually locate the REAL location of the file with the icon, because it's only by luck I figured out where the problem was. "point_ftol2_sse" makes no sense to me (I know SSE is a type of processor instruction but otherwise makes no sense what-so-ever), but I highly doubt most Plus! Users know what SSE is, and SSE wasn't even relevant to how I solved the problem anyway. :P

05-04-2008 02:44 PM
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