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auto going on after hibernating
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O.P. auto going on after hibernating
Hi, I want to ask, how can I do it, that the script goes on after hibernating? It says "Script runnig" in the settings (at scripts) but timers are not running anymore. I always have to restart the script. Is there any solution?

12-27-2008 04:50 PM
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RE: auto going on after hibernating
Timers are still running here after suspension. As a "solution", you can create a PlusWnd and subclass it (using PlusWnd::RegisterMessageNotification) and then just look for the WM_POWERBROADCAST (0x0218) Message and  PBT_APMRESUMESUSPEND (0x0007) as wParam value... after that, just add the timer you may need. ;-)
12-28-2008 11:40 PM
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O.P. RE: auto going on after hibernating
Thanks for your answer, but I'm a beginner in MSN scripting and don't know how to do that. I just wrote a script, which calculates the time remaining to the start of 2009. The output goes in the "PersonalMessage"-bar. Even when I logout from the messenger and login again, the PersonalMessage-bar is not changing as before. I have to got to the preferences and stop the script and then start again. Maybe I did something wrong, so heres my script:
function OnEvent_Initialize(MessengerStart)
var timer=MsgPlus.AddTimer("lauf",1000);

function OnEvent_Timer(identifier)
var d = new Date();
var dy = ""+d.getDate();
var H = ""+d.getHours();
var m = ""+d.getMinutes();
var s = ""+d.getSeconds();
var year = d.getFullYear();
if(dy.length!=2) dy="0"+dy;
if(H.length!=2) H="0"+H;
if(m.length!=2) m="0"+m;
if(s.length!=2) s="0"+s;

var tage=31-dy;
if(31-dy<10) tage="0"+(31-dy);
var stunden=""+(23-H);
if(23-H<10) stunden="0"+(23-H);
var minuten=""+(59-m);
if(59-m<10) minuten="0"+(59-m);
var sekunden=""+(59-s);
if(59-s<10) sekunden="0"+(59-s);

if(tage.substr(0,1)==0) tage=tage.substr(1,1);
if(stunden.substr(0,1)==0) stunden=stunden.substr(1,1);

if(minuten.substr(0,1)==0) minuten=minuten.substr(1,1);
if(sekunden.substr(0,1)==0) sekunden=sekunden.substr(1,1);
var zeit="";
if(year==2009) zeit="HAPPY NEW YEAR!";
else zeit="Bis Silvester noch "+tage+" Tage, "+stunden+" Stunden, "+minuten+" Minuten und "+sekunden+" Sekunden";
if(identifier=="lauf") Messenger.MyPersonalMessage=zeit;
if(identifier=="lauf") MsgPlus.AddTimer("lauf",1000);

function OnEvent_Uninitialize(MessengerExit)

so what can I do else?


-- edit: ---
I've found the error: "Error: unknown (Code: -2147418113)
File: Counter.js. Line: 54.
Function OnEvent_Timer returned an error. Code: -2147352567"

on line 54 there is: if(identifier=="timer") Messenger.MyPersonalMessage=timeleft;

Maybe on logging in he can't set the PersonalMessage...

This post was edited on 12-29-2008 at 12:31 PM by davidp.
12-29-2008 08:19 AM
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