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O.P. Instructions for translation corrections
If you found an error in one of the translations you are using (or a non-translated piece of text), I'd be glad to fix it. However, you must follow this exact procedure, else, your post won't do any good (and I mean it).

First, be sure that the error you found is a real one. For example, Messenger Plus! english translation is using british words so "personalised" is written of "personalized". Some languages are used in different countries and as only one translation is authorized for each language, it can't be perfect for everybody.

Also, if you think you've found a text that is not translated, note that the "Plus!" menu, the "Share" button and the text in bitmap banners cannot be translated.

If you understand all this and are still sure that you found an error, here is what you have to do:
  • Open an explorer window
  • Go to "C:\Program Files\Messenger Plus! 3\Resources" (or Resources1).
  • In this directory you'll see a list of language files. These files can be opened in any text editor such as notepad.
  • Open the file corresponding to your language by double clicking on it.
  • All the text for your language is contained in this file. If you have any question regarding the format of the file, check out the Translation Guidelines document at http://files.msgplus.net/data/TranslationGuidelines.doc
  • Do a search in the file for the text that contains the error you found
  • For example, if the error was "Open the faille" you would find something like this in the language file:
    OpenButton=Open the faille

  • Take note of the section name (here it would be [SectionName] and the full line with your text (here it would be OpenButton=Open the faille). It is very important that you give the full line as I must know the name of the key (here, the key is OpenButton
  • In your post, give this information and the full line of what the text should be. For example, don't say "faille should be file" but "Open the faille should be Open the file"
  • Your post will stay on the forum for some days to let people confirm or affirm your correction. After is has been confirmed, it will be applied in the translation file for the next release of Messenger Plus!.

Example of a good post:
Post Title: French Translation correction

I found an error in the french translation.
Section: [Install]
Current text: LabelAdv1=Les fichiers seront installés dans le répertoire suivant.
Fixed text: LabelAdv1=Les fichiers seront installés dans ce répertoire:

Please, anyone who speaks french, confirm this modification (si vous êtes français, veuillez confirmer que cette correction est valide).

Thank you.

If all this is not clear enough, please ask for details. The only exception to this procedure is if a translation is really bad and you want to redo it completly. In that case, you would have to follow the "New translation instructions" and post a thread to ask people to confirm that one translation should be rewritten. Thank you for helping Messenger Plus! to be a better software!


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