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Multiboot windows7 + windows7 + OSX86 (removable drive)
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O.P. Multiboot windows7 + windows7 + OSX86 (removable drive)

I'm having some problems to understand how bootloaders work and if a bootloader is implemented in bios ram or not.

I know if I install only one windows 7 there is no problem.
When I install a second one to another harddrive, it will boot to that one without 'seeing' the old installation.
=> at this point the motherboard seems to switch the bootdrive to the latest installation. Is this because when installing, the installer sets the bios to boot the drive where it is installing on?

=> by using EasyBSD you can boot 2 drives.


This is where i am going:

I have installed OSX86 on my pc because i don't have bags of money firstly and secondly because it was possible, so i didn't have quite a reason to ruin myself as the hardware competes (just to rule out offences....).

Everything installed without problems.

Now, the drive OSX installed to is a third SATA drive placed in a docking station on top of my PC. During installation i disconnected other harddrives so those didn't change.

What I am thinking of is a system where i plug in the OSX drive in the dock on top of my pc, and then press the power button where OSX loads (latest installed harddrive), without 'seeing' the windows7 installations.

When booting without the OSX drive, the system would show me 2 windows7 installations to choose from.

Is that possible in terms of bootloaders and stuff? Or not, because the bios is now set to start booting from the OSX drive and the OSX drive only?

( I also noticed on my other pc that when installing OSX on the same drive as Windows 7, that you must insert the windows7 cd first to make the windows7 partition active first, then repair, then BCD)

I want to know if it would be possible to just put in the OSX harddrive and boot with it from time to time.

thanks in advance!

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10-16-2010 05:40 PM
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RE: Multiboot windows7 + windows7 + OSX86 (removable drive)
Set the boot priority to the OSX, and second one the installed hard drives?

If it looks for the OSX one and it's not their, it will boot the installed ones?

If your BIOS only allows the choice of HDD and that's it, update (flash it) to see if the most recent version has this ability..?

Not sure though :/
10-17-2010 10:30 PM
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