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iTunes Computer Transfer
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O.P. iTunes Computer Transfer
I recently purchased a new computer and would like to have my iTunes set up the exact same way as on my old computer. My songs are not purchased through iTunes, I have the digital copies on my hard drive.

Is there a way to easily set up my iTunes to have all my songs and folders arranged as they were on my previous computer?

Thanks in advance.
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12-28-2010 09:07 AM
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RE: iTunes Computer Transfer
I've done something similar... but I don't think it was with a whole library

if you copy the files across, put them wherever (lets say c:\users\music)

copy the library file across, open it in notepad, or something with find and replace

replace c:\music (old location) with c:\users\music

and it SHOULD fix the file paths, whilst keeping stats etc

When I did something like this it was quite a while ago, but I think that is basically the sort of thing that I did...

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12-28-2010 01:42 PM
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RE: iTunes Computer Transfer
If they are on the same network, activate Home Sharing and just transfer each library [Music, Movies, Apps...], but this won't maintain your folder scheme if you don't use iTunes' default.

Or you can do what M73A suggested. You can get your Library file, it's an .xml, it will be in iTunes, a folder inside your media folder [check in Edit > Preferences > Advanced > iTunes Media Folder location]. It updates everytime you change something inside iTunes, from listening to anything to closing it, so just look for the most recent iTunes Music Library.xml.
[It's called music Library but it also includes all your other media, except Apps.]
If you plan to use the exact same directory, the partition has to have been assigned the same letter as the partition that used to hold your old library:
  • Open iTunes, set the media folder to the same directory as your old one, close iTunes
  • Copy your whole iTunes media folder to the same location on your new computer, and let Windows replace every file
  • Open iTunes
If you plan to use a different directory:
  • Open iTunes, set the new media folder, close iTunes
  • Copy your whole iTunes media folder to the new directory in the new computer
  • Open your library on your new computer and use "Replace" to change every reference to your old media folder directory to the net one [each file and each library has a "<key>Location</key><string>file://localhost/[media folder]/[Kind/file]</string>" line], then save it
  • Open iTunes

If any of your media files had DRM, you have to authorize your new iTunes with the Apple ID you used [after you finished transfering your library].
If your old apps don't reappear, just use Store > Check for available downloads after authorizing your new iTunes.

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12-28-2010 04:59 PM
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