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RE: Your Holiday Season Plans
Um...i might hang out eith my friends...um...and i'll cum see you guys on here of course.
devilz-furyGeneral Chit Chat12-07-2006 at 01:43 PM
RE: Messenger Bug? Or What?
i had the same problem as Shadow. i tried your advice and it worked. when i get 100 posts i'll give you a possitive.
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger12-07-2006 at 01:35 PM
RE: Messenger doesn't work :(
Contact msn/wlm supporters. thats what i did and they helped me fix my problem.
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger12-07-2006 at 01:28 PM
RE: Plus windows and formatting panel
to pick the colour you want you have to click on it with the mouse.
devilz-furyWLM Plus! Bug Reports12-07-2006 at 10:42 AM
RE: A compiled list of the awfulness of WLM
[quote]Most of the problems you have described i have never encountered.[/quote]
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger12-05-2006 at 06:46 PM
Please help me!!! (error code 80004005)
On WLM when I try to sign in it comes up the error code 80004005. How can I fix this? Please reply A.S.A.P
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger12-05-2006 at 06:16 PM
RE: What Music Player Do You Use?
I use WMP and itunes. And i listen to alot of music.
devilz-furyGeneral Chit Chat12-02-2006 at 03:53 PM
RE: WLM at school
schools block wlm so thats why its blocking you.(Y)
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger12-01-2006 at 05:29 PM
RE: You Will Never Believe...
Ummm... Let me see... The girl i love Watching her hurt people And... Hugging the girl i love.
devilz-furyGeneral Chit Chat11-29-2006 at 06:48 PM
My first script.
This is a dead simple script. All it does is it reads a text file every 10 minutes, picks out a random non-blank line from that file and then sets that as your Personal Message on Messenger. You could use this script with IRC logs, a list of quotes, ...
devilz-furyScripting11-29-2006 at 06:39 PM
RE: Contact list disappearing: MSN 7.5 or 8.0 both having problem!
when you sign in if your contact list dosent load up then double click on the messenger icon on ur computer. The one that goes onto quick launch. I hope it works. I'm glad to help.
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger11-28-2006 at 07:00 PM
RE: New Font ?
yes his idea will work but you dont have to restart messenger.
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger11-28-2006 at 06:44 PM
RE: Multiple accounts problem
things like name, address, etc, ect.
devilz-furyWLM Plus! Help11-28-2006 at 06:24 PM
RE: Multiple accounts problem
have you put the personal details on both the same because if you have windows sign you out. thats what they did with me. i'm glad to help. and to everyone i learnt what spam is so there will be no more spam from me.:cheesy:
devilz-furyWLM Plus! Help11-28-2006 at 05:31 PM
My friend wants to know weather to get MSN or WLM. i said WLM but he said he wants you guys to decide.
devilz-furySkype & Live Messenger11-25-2006 at 05:02 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 4.10 is out!
wow Messenger Plus! 4.10 is out! thanks for the news.
devilz-furyArchive11-25-2006 at 04:59 PM
RE: Script help
this forum is good i get lots of help on here.:):):):):):):):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D thanks for the script help.
devilz-furyWLM Plus! Help11-25-2006 at 04:55 PM
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