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RE: Messenger Plus! 3 Progress
well as long as the files don't get auto-executed you should be O.K.....
ZrednaZArchive03-22-2004 at 11:22 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3 Progress
Auto-accepted files should definitely be placed in a seperate folder so you cound easily see what has been recieved while you were away. If they were placed in My recieved files (where I have a ton of files already) it would be harder to notice. Anot...
ZrednaZArchive03-22-2004 at 10:44 PM
RE: Sponsor software idea
Seems like you're missing the point. :p I agree with theloginisbroken... if the sponsor program was customizable so it displayed interesting and relevant stuff depending upon the person's interests (in my case IT-related stuff and online shopping)...
ZrednaZWLM Plus! General03-22-2004 at 10:25 PM
RE: OMG, What an idiot :P
LoL :D That doesn't altogether surprise me. :-)
ZrednaZWLM Plus! General03-21-2004 at 08:56 PM
RE: OMG, What an idiot :P
I don't understand why Download.com would approve a review like that in the first place?!? Perhaps they should take just a few minutes to check whether statements like that are accurate or not. In fact, in this case they should have contacted Patcho...
ZrednaZWLM Plus! General03-21-2004 at 01:18 AM
RE: Free CD From Microsoft? Its True! Its True!
Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe Bill Gates felt that things were getting a bit dull around Seattle, so just for the fun of it he decided to start sending out CD's that would ruin people's operating systems and force them to buy new ones. In the m...
ZrednaZTech Talk03-18-2004 at 07:28 PM
RE: Let's make it easier for the general public to notify the translators of errors
That's actually a really good idea. As long as we keep in mind that users should be able to submit comments with only a few mouse clicks. /ZrednaZ
ZrednaZTranslation01-31-2004 at 02:19 PM
Let's make it easier for the general public to notify the translators of errors
I have a suggestion for the next MsgPlus release... As referred to in the subject, I'd like to suggest a feature that would make it easier for the general public to make us translators aware of errors/typos in our translations. Currently people have...
ZrednaZTranslation01-31-2004 at 01:06 AM
RE: No thanks, we don't need people adding themselves to our credits-list!
So what you're saying is that Patchou told you to add your name to the credits list? I must have missed that part. //ZrednaZ
ZrednaZTranslation11-25-2003 at 02:48 PM
RE: No thanks, we don't need people adding themselves to our credits-list!
Update: I now understand how he managed to get his name on the list. In this thread http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=183 89 where Patchou required a few extra lines to be translated, MarZie posted an updated version of the language file ...
ZrednaZTranslation11-24-2003 at 04:30 PM
No thanks, we don't need people adding themselves to our credits-list!
Hi Patchou & Staff, This fellow named Anders Madsen (a.k.a. X-ray/MarZie) has apparently submitted his own version of the Danish language file where he's added himself to the list of Danish translators on the About-window of Plus!, though he isn't ...
ZrednaZTranslation11-24-2003 at 03:34 PM
RE: The Geek Test...
8-| 17.357% - Geek 8-| :D
ZrednaZGeneral Chit Chat09-13-2003 at 11:03 AM
RE: Get a @msgplus.net email
Being a translator, I suggest that all translators should be allowed, too. ;) Well most of them have been with Msgplus since November/December anyway. I've requested an@msgplus.net. Hope it isn't taken already :) Thx Patchou, is it POP3 e-mail or ...
ZrednaZArchive08-08-2003 at 05:36 PM
RE: GameCube - winner?
When somebody wins, are all the e-mails erased so you have to sign up again? Or are the e-mails still kept in the Gamecube database? ;)
ZrednaZWLM Plus! General07-30-2003 at 09:50 AM
RE: 2.10.34 - New translation - please read!
Hi, don't know if this is too late (I don't normally check these forums), but here's the Danish translation: Winamp=&Winamp Sangtitel\t(!WAT) Note: This has not been inserted into the attached file... I've attached Land_Danish.ini because I've ...
ZrednaZTranslation05-02-2003 at 06:43 PM
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