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RE: Zen Garden
Yeah but the idea is kinda to change the page design using CSS alone, as apposed to saving the page title, introduction etc or whatever into an image and inserting it :P
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat10-03-2006 at 07:04 PM
RE: Zen Garden
http://csszengarden.com/?cssfile=/188/188.css&page =0 (l)
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat10-03-2006 at 04:45 PM
RE: [request] IRC Messenger
I think it's a horrible idea :P Use BitlBee and do it the other way round :D
ayjayScripting09-24-2006 at 06:42 PM
RE: Why do you believe in God?
science is based on theory :P (well... when you get to the physics side of it, which is the most relevant to the whole religion stuff :P)
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-20-2006 at 08:43 PM
RE: Which religion am I?
Well all I can say is that it's a good job I don't ask God to show me a giraffe, then someone asks him to show a hippo, then someone else a rhino, then an elephant, then a cow, then a snake....... you see where this is going? :P
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 06:34 PM
RE: Which religion am I?
Yeah, I had a weird thing like that. I asked God to show me a red car, and then everywhere I look, there is red cars! I saw dozens today! There was even a red car on the news. There is a point I'm making there, it's not just sarcasm :P
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 06:19 PM
RE: Web Hosts
or use the promo code "ayjayblah" for $60 off everything apart from Monthly L1 and Monthly L2 - which have $50 off /me runs from wj EDIT @ wj's reply: lol :P
ayjayTech Talk09-14-2006 at 06:08 PM
RE: Which religion am I?
what?! that's like saying there's no evidence for... bread!
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 05:53 PM
RE: Which religion am I?
don't happen to live in a particularly crocodile-infested area by any chance? ..... ... . :lol:
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 05:03 PM
RE: Which religion am I?
Sure you can. I've been baptised, gone to the world's most horribly Christian primary school, and been brought up around many many Christians, and I hate religion more than anyone :P
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 04:08 PM
RE: Which religion am I?
I would say that I am irreligious (well now I've seen your definitions I would, because I have a lot of hostility toward religion :P Always thought of myself as atheist before). I don't neccessarily go by the lack of evidence FOR religion as you do...
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 03:40 PM
RE: How much do you care about 9/11?
I believe the conspiracy theories. I mean, it's not like the American government would have enough money to hire the most qualified physicists if (for some absurd reason) they did decide to have a bit of fun and kill a few thousand people in a consp...
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-14-2006 at 03:10 PM
RE: [Suggestion]: Auto-hiding desktop contatcs (ACCEPTED!)
/me goes to buy a cheap 3-button mouse
ayjayWLM Plus! General09-13-2006 at 03:14 PM
RE: 9/11 the day when the world changed
Was my first day at high school and my mum brought me out early because my uncle lived on the same street as the twin towers and no-one could get hold of him. (He was fine, although the same can't be said for his house :P) Turned out he'd left for ...
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-10-2006 at 09:59 PM
RE: How do you get the most out of a history lesson?
You could try (this is a crazy suggestion) listening and learning?
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-10-2006 at 08:55 PM
RE: [Suggestion]: Auto-hiding desktop contatcs (ACCEPTED!)
:lol: What an absolutely brilliant way of asking a question :P This would be a really useful feature actually. I'd use it.
ayjayWLM Plus! General09-10-2006 at 06:45 PM
RE: Error, Need Assistant Badly
Seems clear :P If clearing your cache didn't work, try downloading from http://ponynugget.net/MsgPlusLive-401.exe
ayjayWLM Plus! Help09-06-2006 at 03:34 PM
RE: Error, Need Assistant Badly
You were there for less than 2 minutes AND in the wrong channel 8-)
ayjayWLM Plus! Help09-06-2006 at 03:07 PM
RE: Your IQ: Test The Nation
I did it on TV /me is exactly the same as Stigmata :P
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-04-2006 at 09:12 PM
RE: A2/AS/GCSE results 2006
congrats :D
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat09-02-2006 at 07:04 AM
RE: BodySearch X-Ray - the x-ray that strips you bare
I don't really understand the embarassment argument. The person who sees it you most likely will never meet, never talk to, never even look at again after you have gone through the machine. It's not like s/he'd go home at the end of the day and la...
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat08-29-2006 at 08:17 PM
RE: can som1 plz make a script 2 check ma yahoo inbox
I prefer blocking them.
ayjayScripting08-29-2006 at 04:54 PM
RE: can som1 plz make a script 2 check ma yahoo inbox
Can someone make a script that automatically translates what you speak so people can read it? That script's not possible by the way.
ayjayScripting08-29-2006 at 04:19 PM
RE: A Deadly Spanish Dance
Every bullfighter deserves to be mangled/killed by the bulls. Unfortunately, they are not :(
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat08-29-2006 at 02:38 PM
RE: BodySearch X-Ray - the x-ray that strips you bare
:lol::lol: Anyway, people are talking about bombs being hidden up arses and stuff, but I'm sure this technology would be used as in the example picture, for hidden knives, guns etc. I'm sure it won't be used independently, there'll be other mean...
ayjayGeneral Chit Chat08-29-2006 at 12:49 PM
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