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RE: Custom Names problem
Just a suggestion...Have you tried re-installing Messenger Plus! or Msn Messenger?
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-20-2004 at 12:31 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3 - Updates
Lol yup choli...I cant wait eitherrr :D
RebelSeanArchive05-19-2004 at 09:47 PM
RE: Windows Media Player... 10!
Ohhhhh ok I getcha....I thought that you couldn't change it lol...I'm retarted...:d lol
RebelSeanTech Talk05-19-2004 at 09:15 PM
RE: Windows Media Player... 10!
LMAO.....thats ugly yes it is!!!! Gawd I hope they got themes for it couse I wont d/l it lookin at that!
RebelSeanTech Talk05-19-2004 at 01:30 AM
RE: Check this special nickname i found out
Lol yup i see it :D
RebelSeanSkype & Live Messenger05-19-2004 at 12:25 AM
RE: Something is installed on my computer and i cant remove it!
I've used that a few times...But sometimes tis get stuck on a few 6 meg files i got ;-) but yes tis a nice one 2 :D
RebelSeanTech Talk05-18-2004 at 10:48 PM
RE: Mess Plus! picked up on Anti Spy
If I am thinking of the same program as you lalabelle, you can excluse it from scans ;-)
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-18-2004 at 09:55 PM
RE: The removal instructions for the sponser doesn't work
You can go to www.lavasoftusa.com and download ad-aware and it gets rid of it IF it isnt the sponser program...
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-18-2004 at 09:27 PM
RE: Something is installed on my computer and i cant remove it!
And onther thing is you can download the sister tool for spybot s&d I find it A MUCH BETTER one than Spybot S&D....If you would like to download it go to www.lavasoftusa.com ...Tis a nice program!!
RebelSeanTech Talk05-18-2004 at 08:53 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3 - Release Date Confirmed
Kewl!! I will definatly look forward to it! I will prolly tell ma friends about Messenger Plus! 3 and give um a mirror link that yall post here!
RebelSeanArchive05-17-2004 at 10:24 PM
RE: What's your biggest log file size?
Ma biggest is 356KB.....And it did take a while to load dunno why tho ma comp is USUALY fast lol
RebelSeanWLM Plus! General05-17-2004 at 09:46 PM
Got ma Messenger Plus! Back!!
[font=Arial][size=2][color=red][b] :o)Thanks to ALL of you that have helped me get ma messenger plus! back!!! I've been missin it!!! Oh ya and leif I thanks ya da most for showing me how to get into safe mode coude now all my directorys ( in my docs...
RebelSeanGeneral Chit Chat05-17-2004 at 09:35 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3 - Release Date Confirmed
:d Someone can gime a mirror link for it....<--- Will be one to download it FASTTTTTTTT lmao :-)
RebelSeanArchive05-17-2004 at 11:30 AM
RE: IE Search Changed
Or I dunno if you have tried this but you can right click on the part were it has your like history and other butttons..right click on a empty space and it says the toolbars, you can try and figure out what the toolbar is and disable it
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-17-2004 at 11:11 AM
RE: Unknow Programs
Oh well, that has never happened to me..And I said IF THAT DIDNT WORK use Lavasoft...Yall need to READ lol
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-16-2004 at 10:27 PM
RE: Free Hosts - Sites
I use 1asphost.com tis a GOOD free site!!! It has unlimited bandwith,100MEGs,All Free,DHTML(I think)....But tis a good one if your cheap like me :D
RebelSeanTech Talk05-16-2004 at 10:14 PM
RE: Unknow Programs
Yes it is,but was saying that if that didn't help lavasoft the way to fix it :D:D:D....And Ad-Aware tis a best progie for it :D It don't couse any problems, it gets rid of bad proggies(spyware-adware)...lol
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-16-2004 at 09:35 PM
RE: [Suggestion] Tabbed Chat
What is DSM?? Never hurd of it lol
RebelSeanWLM Plus! General05-16-2004 at 09:31 PM
RE: Unknow Programs
You need to probably follow the steps on how to remove the sponser program then you need to re-install messenger plus! and do not install the sponser program :D And if that don't fix it it might not be messenger plus! so you might want to goto www.l...
RebelSeanWLM Plus! Help05-16-2004 at 09:00 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3 - Release Date Confirmed
I can't wait either lol....Be missin me auto-messages and stuff :-( But wtg testers and patchou!! Yall proll done a GREAT job wit it!! Hope tis works on ma comp!
RebelSeanArchive05-16-2004 at 04:28 AM
RE: Hotmail Banner Removable?
I will try it out, but were do I d/l it from? Can ya gime a link? lmao ty :-)
RebelSeanTech Talk05-16-2004 at 03:50 AM
RE: Request for new plug-in
Hey that would be kewl! I change ma status to so I would love it to! Nice suggestion, maby someone can make something into it!
RebelSeanPlug-Ins05-16-2004 at 03:46 AM
RE: The Yanks Get It All!
I have all those games...Dunno why but I have all those games to.... You got 6.2??
RebelSeanSkype & Live Messenger05-16-2004 at 03:39 AM
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