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What happened to KSMAS?
whatever happened to KSMAS? i was lookin forward to that, wasn't it renamed? and what status of completion is it at if it's still in existance :S
spokesGeneral Chit Chat02-13-2005 at 11:12 AM
RE: Beta build 604 of Microsoft's MSN Messenger 7.
yea, its gay, but the personal messages and windows media player thing is cool, if n e one else on my list cud see em! lol
spokesSkype & Live Messenger02-13-2005 at 07:57 AM
RE: Suggestion: coloured toasts
i agree, it would be interesting
spokesWLM Plus! General02-12-2005 at 11:06 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3.50 is on its way!
excellent work patchou, can't wait!
spokesArchive02-10-2005 at 07:54 AM
RE: We're all goin to die in the year 2029
2006 accordin to 'bible code' :worry:
spokesGeneral Chit Chat01-24-2005 at 09:13 PM
RE: Student Suspended Over Suspected Use of PHP
maybe i should leave sum CGI lying around and see what the teachers do with it
spokesGeneral Chit Chat01-23-2005 at 10:50 AM
RE: Sign in problems
mine's saying my contact list is unavailable? maybe they were updating the server to hav a bigger limit than 150 contacts, we can only hope :D
spokesSkype & Live Messenger01-23-2005 at 09:09 AM
annoying windows me
ok, my dad had windows ME, and his solitaire seems to b messed (so my mum keeps using my pc :@) and the errors we get are when press deal or maximisin window, it's something like error in sol.exe
spokesTech Talk01-22-2005 at 02:03 PM
RE: The following message could not be delivered to all recipients
i always have this problem, it only happens when i'm using spng which is a shame cos i have to disable such a great plugin!
spokesSkype & Live Messenger01-18-2005 at 07:45 AM
free email providers?
do you know of any [b]FREE[/b] email providers which hav smtp support WHICH work with phpbb? i cant find many that use port 25
spokesTech Talk01-16-2005 at 06:10 PM
RE: pc won't start
yea i tried it in my brothers room and my room still nope. im takin it to a pc shop later. i think the power units gone EDIT : i opened the power thing yesterday to try and see whats rong and i seen like a black burn mark, so i think this is whats ro...
spokesTech Talk01-16-2005 at 09:47 AM
RE: pc won't start
doubt it was a surge cos i hav a surge protector
spokesTech Talk01-15-2005 at 10:17 PM
RE: pc won't start
already checked them, all okay, and the noise it makes wen pluggin in the plug is like the electric shock sound off movies
spokesTech Talk01-15-2005 at 03:48 PM
pc won't start
well, i have a pc upstairs and it hassnt been used in about 2 months and i goto turn it on today....and nope, nothing. so i check the back and where the plug is, if i pull it out and put it back in the green light (on the bak) lights up and then goes...
spokesTech Talk01-15-2005 at 03:41 PM
RE: Pimp My MSN
its wonderful! cant wait
spokesGeneral Chit Chat01-15-2005 at 12:23 PM
RE: Locking computer
that thing is annoyin, they disabled the properties windows in my skool, and they put a file in the start menu for everyone to read and i got on there edited it and if u r quik enuff to uncheck read only on the secnd you hav of the properties window ...
spokesTech Talk01-11-2005 at 08:42 PM
RE: Buddy Icon? WTF, annoying
its just an addon for messenger that displays mor emoticons you wont see them unless u hav it, if u dnt hav it, it tells u were to get it the only way to stop it is to tell her (i presume from the name) to stop using emoticons from smileycentral wen...
spokesPlug-Ins01-11-2005 at 08:36 PM
RE: comp wont shut down
format is the same as reformat
spokesTech Talk01-04-2005 at 06:10 PM
RE: run time problems
error 75 means the file does not exist or cannot b accessed dunno how to fix it
spokesTech Talk01-04-2005 at 06:08 PM
RE: comp wont shut down
it's when you put in the windows disk that should have come with ur pc and wipe everything off the pc and then it puts it back on
spokesTech Talk01-04-2005 at 05:57 PM
RE: MsgPlus! and Gearbox
that would be good for noobs, like an msn package thing. sounds like a good idea
spokesWLM Plus! General01-04-2005 at 05:55 PM
RE: comp wont shut down
i don't know much bout 98 but if it happened to me, i'd back EVERYTHING up and then reformat, sure to fix the problem. i'm not advising you to do that tho
spokesTech Talk01-04-2005 at 05:52 PM
RE: Pimp My MSN
i agree, he cud but a butterfly in or summit and invert the colors, i dunno
spokesGeneral Chit Chat01-04-2005 at 04:00 PM
RE: Ps2 keeps over heating
:undecided: i dunno how to change the suction :( its got a thing on the bottom tho, with like long carpet, medium carpet, and short carpet do i change that?
spokesTech Talk01-03-2005 at 08:29 PM
RE: Looking for a 'container' or tabbed conversation plugin
a container sounds kool, screenshots :D
spokesPlug-Ins01-03-2005 at 08:27 PM
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