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RE: Messenger Plus 3 and the Boss Protection
like what ??? i have never heard of keyboards not allowing you to press certain combinations
toddyWLM Plus! Help06-16-2004 at 10:12 PM
RE: yahoo = 100MB NOW!
did u have to pay for that ???
toddyTech Talk06-16-2004 at 03:42 PM
RE: yahoo = 100MB NOW!
you could easly fill it up, if u use it to send music and videos to mates
toddyTech Talk06-16-2004 at 01:38 PM
RE: 1TB of email space
it isn't down for me
toddyTech Talk06-15-2004 at 02:15 PM
RE: Plus pop up bug
that will not work !, that will only stop msn toasts not plus toasts
toddyWLM Plus! Bug Reports06-15-2004 at 01:38 PM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
no problem p.s. how come Black_Forky deleted his post ???
toddyPlug-Ins06-15-2004 at 12:04 PM
thats not actually a patch, it needs you to open messenger through they program and i find that really annoying [url=http://www.mess.be/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?acti on=download&id=474&PHPSESSID=3efdb07283955dc1a9272 44124684dc8]MSN Messenger Polygamy UNI...
toddyWLM Plus! Help06-15-2004 at 11:50 AM
RE: i need help
what plugin do you mean ??? messenger plus 3 ? or a different one ?
toddyWLM Plus! Help06-15-2004 at 11:08 AM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
i have got a file called "msmsgs.exe" in my msn folder [edit] p.s. Ipab Atokanniv has got a patch that works on all messengers to if u want to try that one http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=272 15
toddyPlug-Ins06-15-2004 at 05:42 AM
RE: couple of suggestions
it works for me. a boxs comes up saying "sorry no instant message window could be opened for user" and then it tells me the results of (!VER) [img]http://shoutbox.menthix.net/attachment.php?pi d=263355[/img]
toddyWLM Plus! General06-14-2004 at 10:08 PM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
press "ctrl+alt+delete" go to processes. end msnmsgr.exe if it is running. and then try installing the patch [edit] p.s. u do want to apply the patch to "msnmsgr.exe" not "msmsgs.exe"
toddyPlug-Ins06-14-2004 at 07:19 PM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
u can chose the file to patch, it should have said something like couldn't find file (well mind did) it then gave me the option to select the file to patch [edit] if not the CrystalMSN-620133 skin change has a build in pacth, this will change you ms...
toddyPlug-Ins06-14-2004 at 07:06 PM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
have u tryed opening another messenger ??? coz it said it didn't work for me, but it allows me to open more than one
toddyPlug-Ins06-14-2004 at 06:49 PM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
thats not actually a patch, it needs you to open messenger through they program [edit] [url=http://www.mess.be/pafiledb/pafiledb.php?acti on=download&id=474&PHPSESSID=3efdb07283955dc1a9272 44124684dc8]MSN Messenger Polygamy UNIVERSAL PATCH[/url] this w...
toddyPlug-Ins06-14-2004 at 05:58 PM
RE: Polygamy: cant find working patch
i kno a patch that will do it, i will give you the link in abit (mess.be) isn't loading, says cannot find server
toddyPlug-Ins06-14-2004 at 05:54 PM
RE: Msgplus.net news
there only deliver to the us don't they ??? well i didn't see an option to ship to uk
toddyArchive06-14-2004 at 10:59 AM
RE: Msgplus.net news
is there a shop for uk ??? or is it just the american site
toddyArchive06-14-2004 at 10:55 AM
RE: internet explorer
cheers Kryptonate, they found hundreds of things and cleaned my computer up a lot. they are alot better than the rubbish program i had before
toddyTech Talk06-13-2004 at 10:16 PM
RE: internet explorer
is it free ? and do u have a link ? and is it good ? the last spyware checker software i had, actually seem to give me spyware rather then take any off my computer, so i don't really like them
toddyTech Talk06-13-2004 at 09:02 PM
RE: internet explorer
its now has http://www.coolsearch.biz/face1/index.html ask me homepage !!! can anyone help me with this ?? p.s. i'm gonna kill my brother when he gets home, i am certain its him who has download sum8 [edit] done it myself cheers Tochjo for your help
toddyTech Talk06-13-2004 at 08:51 PM
RE: 1TB of email space
i haven't got any junk mail yet !!! but saying that i haven't got an email i sent to it yesterday. i sent 2 messages to it from my hotmail. got one about 1 1/2 after sending, still waiting for the other to come
toddyTech Talk06-13-2004 at 08:20 PM
internet explorer
can someone please help me !!!! when i open internet explorer, http://searchpage.cc/ always comes up, no matter wot i put as my home page, this comes up. when i got back to my options to change the home pages it says "http://%6E%6B%76%64%2E%75%73" ...
toddyTech Talk06-13-2004 at 08:13 PM
RE: Server load suggestion.
sounds like a good idea, if it can be done
toddyForum & Website06-13-2004 at 07:19 PM
RE: Server load suggestion.
well suppose some of them would be people who spam, but so could people with over 1000 posts.
toddyForum & Website06-13-2004 at 06:38 PM
RE: Server load suggestion.
what about people that have just joined tho and give alot of help ?? [edit] if u they where going to do something like this, wouldn't it be better to involve the posts per day rather than total posts. e.g. have it so that people with more than 5 pos...
toddyForum & Website06-13-2004 at 05:50 PM
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