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RE: font identification
Comic sans MS maybe?
Abz2k4Tech Talk10-16-2004 at 10:13 PM
RE: Don't Download MSN messenger 7.0 having WARNING!
Patchou has stated that there will be an update for plus soon, in time for the release of 7
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger10-16-2004 at 05:53 PM
RE: Don't Download MSN messenger 7.0 having WARNING!
I think what he means is the security threat they found with the Winks. The winks are made from flash files which could be used to open another program or something like that, but in the latest build (0225) MSN have disabled the Winks so there should...
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger10-16-2004 at 04:58 PM
RE: 8e6 now blocking mess.be
There is an adress bar just below the ad banner at the top of the page, just delete the CNN URL from the adress bar and replace it with the website you wish to visit. :)
Abz2k4Tech Talk10-14-2004 at 11:27 PM
RE: 8e6 now blocking mess.be
I just tried the proxy 2005 link on my school system from home and it worked, i can now bypass all the banned sites. Thanks a lot people :)
Abz2k4Tech Talk10-14-2004 at 11:06 PM
RE: Sudenlly..IT Happens !!!
Yea it's a bug that occurs when you have received a file. MSN have not yet been able to fix this problem but i think they may in future versions.
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger10-14-2004 at 08:20 PM
RE: Stairway to Heaven...scary
LMAO the Britney Spears one is funny.
Abz2k4General Chit Chat10-02-2004 at 09:31 AM
RE: Seeing someone's new nickname! Please read!
Maybe they came online, but went offline quickly so u didn't notice
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger10-01-2004 at 05:28 PM
RE: Mess with your nickname
Mine isn't random, it's the same as [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/attachment.php?pi d=312580]this[/url]
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger09-27-2004 at 07:46 PM
RE: Another Gmail Signature Made By (Not Me)
I've already done it, but thanks anyway.
Abz2k4General Chit Chat09-25-2004 at 08:55 PM
RE: Another Gmail Signature Made By (Not Me)
no it's ok thanks, i've already downloaded fireworks so i might aswell do it myself, besides you have enough requests already.
Abz2k4General Chit Chat09-25-2004 at 07:53 PM
RE: Another Gmail Signature Made By (Not Me)
o ye i forgot the transparent background won't work if you do it like that. :(
Abz2k4General Chit Chat09-25-2004 at 06:36 PM
RE: Another Gmail Signature Made By (Not Me)
Why don't all the people asking for one to be made for them save the image and edit it in paint. Thats what i did and mine turned out ok.
Abz2k4General Chit Chat09-25-2004 at 06:15 PM
RE: Is this real?
lol thats pretty cool.
Abz2k4General Chit Chat09-21-2004 at 05:23 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3.20
Just downloaded it, the contacts on Desktop feature is quite cool :D
Abz2k4Archive09-19-2004 at 11:07 PM
RE: Appear Offline
Messenger Discovery would be best to do such a task.
Abz2k4WLM Plus! General09-14-2004 at 09:31 PM
RE: Main MSN Window Background
You could just go to www.msgicons.com and click the MSN Backgrounds link for some ready made backgrounds which are pretty good. Heres what mine looks like. [url=http://www.freewebs.com/abz2k4/my%20site/MSN. PNG]My MSN[/url]
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger09-14-2004 at 09:20 PM
RE: Bots
Yea i've been wondering where Jaedon is, he was a really cool bot and the A.I. was amazing i also fooled loadza my friends with him :D
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger09-04-2004 at 12:21 AM
RE: Back to school....
Oh Sh!t you just reminded me. I still have coursework to do!!!
Abz2k4General Chit Chat09-03-2004 at 11:54 PM
RE: My msn is sooooo slow HELP!
The exact same thing is happening to me, when i hit enter or click send to send my message, MSN freezes for a few seconds. It's a strange because it started the other day and it seems to happen at differant times of day :S and i don't think it's ...
Abz2k4WLM Plus! Help09-02-2004 at 11:51 AM
RE: When I type, my system freezes
Mines miraculously cured. It's working fine now.
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger08-31-2004 at 10:21 AM
RE: Anonymous msn bot
EDIT: Yea i noticed that bug too, also the email adress of the bot kinda gives it away, it shouldn't be something related to anonybot to really confuse people.
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger08-31-2004 at 10:15 AM
RE: When I type, my system freezes
It can't be the Internet connections or speed coz MSN was wokin fine until it happened.
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger08-31-2004 at 01:03 AM
RE: Anonymous msn bot
lol cool idea for a bot, it's great for p***ing people off
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger08-31-2004 at 12:36 AM
RE: When I type, my system freezes
I thought it was just my computer running slow at first but i restarted it and it's still happening so im kinda confused as to what the problem could be.
Abz2k4Skype & Live Messenger08-31-2004 at 12:33 AM
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