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RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
Very important update!! [u]Version [b]1.1.16[/b][/u] Donwload at the 1st post!!! There was a bug in last version (1.1.15): When reading a value with &, the text were shown with the letter underlined, but when saving the & was lost!! So if you used it...
CholiTranslation07-08-2003 at 10:33 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
I'm very happy of reading this :) I'm preparing a new version. Only little changes: Tha ability of choose between show \t and & or show tabs and underlined (jpg050's suggestion). I think there is a little bug with showing & as underlined -> I'l...
CholiTranslation07-08-2003 at 04:18 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
CholiTranslation07-08-2003 at 02:16 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
That's a bit complex because of the way my program works and that kind of tool would be very expensive (in time, I mean, it'll take a lot of time). I'm afraid you'll have to use notepad to search for a string :/
CholiTranslation07-07-2003 at 10:40 PM
RE: First VB plugin!! Uptime!
Very nice segosa :refuck:, but can you add some configuration dialog? Something like this: when the user types /xupconf a window appears and let him to select the format (or even the language) of the text. I mean: now, my (!XUP) is 0 days, 10 hours, ...
CholiPlug-Ins07-07-2003 at 12:42 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
BTW, can this thread be sticky, please :bow: ? I think my program may be interesting for translators, so if it's sticky all translators will see it. Admins/Mods... pleaseeee :P
CholiTranslation07-07-2003 at 12:21 AM
RE: VB -VB -VB - yeah, it's ready
Yes, I've already seen the C++ headers and understand them, but I meant that I haven't got any idea of what to implement :)
CholiPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 03:12 PM
RE: VB -VB -VB - yeah, it's ready
/me is waiting to download the file... The link doesn't work yet. I'd like to make a plugin but I don't know what to do :rolleyes:
CholiPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 02:27 PM
RE: We'll need people to translate the plug-in file to other prgram languages
Now that I've seen the source code of the plugins and knowing that my knowledge of Java is very limited, I think that translating into Java is more complex than I've imagined. But, this summer I haven't any other thing to do (in fact I have, but ...
CholiPlug-Ins07-06-2003 at 01:08 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
Again, new version (and probably the final one) Version [b]1.1.15[/b] Features: [list] [*]^ASM^ suggestion: In the left, where all the items to be transated are, I've added an icon. If you see a green arrow, the item [u]is[/u] in the translated Lang...
CholiTranslation07-06-2003 at 12:31 AM
RE: Creating "public" char[]
If I understood well, you need to declare a variable to store some text and would like that variable to be public, don't you? Well, that in C/C++ is called a global variable and you have to define it outside any function. The syntax is the same as i...
CholiPlug-Ins07-05-2003 at 10:30 PM
RE: Messenger Plus TAB
Yes, I've made the installer and if you find any bug let me know, so I'll correct it :)
CholiForum & Website07-05-2003 at 03:21 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
Yes, I'm sorry, but win98 doesn't handle unicode so it shows the default character for a unable-to-be-displayed unicode character: "?" This time there isn't any new version. I was doing a program to Install theMessenger Plus! Tab. Don't worry,...
CholiTranslation07-05-2003 at 02:03 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
Well but I won't upload here because it's very large. I'll put the link on the first post when it'll be ready (I think no more 1 hour later).(o) [color=blue]Edit:[/color] Updated the program. at the first post. Also put there a link to the requi...
CholiTranslation07-03-2003 at 04:44 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
CholiTranslation07-02-2003 at 10:59 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
Ok, send it to me. But, sometimes (like now) i don't understand what people mean :S Please, explain (or translate) the meaning of: what is that?
CholiTranslation07-02-2003 at 04:58 PM
RE: We'll need people to translate the plug-in file to other prgram languages
Are there any pluging aviable yet? Anyway, I can translate from C/C++ (preferably from C) to VB and with a bit more of time to Java & Delphi.
CholiPlug-Ins07-02-2003 at 04:49 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 2.20 - TRANSLATORS NEEDED!!
Read the first post on the thread [quote][i]Originally posted by [color=green]Patchou[/color][/i] Hello! the new beta of Messenger Plus! will soon be released so it's time for all of you to volunteer to update the current translation. Even if you th...
CholiTranslation07-02-2003 at 04:30 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
:| eh? Which file are you talking about?
CholiTranslation07-02-2003 at 04:12 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
New version: 1.1.8 [color=blue]Edit:[/color] very small error corrected: version 1.1.9 [color=blue]/Edit[/color] I'll try to be brief: [list] [*]New version 1.1.8. Features: [*][color=blue]version 1.1.9[/color] [*]Works well with all letf-to-rigth l...
CholiTranslation07-01-2003 at 11:38 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
Well, sock, I'll do my best posible to make it RTL compatible. I'll keep you informed about how this is going. :D
CholiTranslation07-01-2003 at 04:55 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 2.20 - TRANSLATORS NEEDED!!
Yes, I remember that Patchou said once that the translations should look professional, so we (the spanish-spain translators) used the formal version, and all the translated lines keep some concordance.
CholiTranslation06-30-2003 at 11:02 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 2.20 - TRANSLATORS NEEDED!!
In the Spanish (spain) translation we had that discussion (format vs informal) and we decided use the formal ('usted' ('Sie' in german)). As sock said, you should use the same style as MS uses in its products and always kep the same style, not on...
CholiTranslation06-30-2003 at 10:11 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Translator
I know, but is a bit complex. It isn't as easy as put right alignemt (or is it?). I'd like first make the program work with complex languages (like Chinese) but left to right ones. /slap RTL languages Well, this afternoon after I recieved the Mnju...
CholiTranslation06-30-2003 at 07:53 PM
RE: Forthcoming Plus! 2.20 beta & news
Great news! The plug-ins feature sounds very interesting.... :gfdrin: /me is going to send the email....
CholiArchive06-30-2003 at 05:38 PM
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