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RE: Opera or FireFox
You should really give firefox a try, you would probably like it.
ShawnZTech Talk02-15-2005 at 12:10 AM
RE: touch screen flat panel
Quad P4 HT Extremes OC'd to max :banana: too much heat?
ShawnZTech Talk02-15-2005 at 12:06 AM
RE: uxtheme themes
Download a visual style, put it in the C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\[visual style name] folder, as stated above.
ShawnZTech Talk02-13-2005 at 10:07 PM
RE: [split] Edit This Image
Markus has a nice Halo2 Signature, you can try contacting him
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat02-13-2005 at 04:59 AM
RE: Scheduler toast bug
hmm... This sounds like it is caused because the same event is happening twice at the same time. If theres a buffer system for the messages, which there should be, its probably a little error thats easy to fix. If there is no buffer system for toasts...
ShawnZWLM Plus! Bug Reports02-13-2005 at 04:58 AM
RE: Emoticon adder for msn 6.2
What about Customess? It's for MSN MEssenger 7.0 and is avaible at http://www.mess.be - I only know of Freemoicons for version 6.2, though. Sorry.
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger02-13-2005 at 04:54 AM
RE: Playing games on multiple monitors
I don't think thats possible, but I have heard of speical programs to start certan programs on a chosen monitor. Try searching google for one of those
ShawnZTech Talk02-13-2005 at 04:50 AM
RE: uxtheme themes
Hi. The `UXTHEME' patch is basicily the same as Style XP, but the patch is better. The reason is that the patch just makes it so windows can `See' themes made by other people, whereas StyleXP is a program that has to constantly run to force windows...
ShawnZTech Talk02-13-2005 at 04:48 AM
RE: Ram....
[align=justify][size=3][b]RAM[/b] (Random Access Memory)[/size] [list] RAM is like a small area of temorary storage. If you start a program, in my example i'll choose Microsoft Paint, it needs a certan amount of ram to run. Everything you draw or ty...
ShawnZTech Talk02-13-2005 at 12:40 AM
RE: PS3 processor unvieled
imagine that... in a corprate enviroment, with thousands of servers connected together, that would be a fast proccessor! and dont even go in to overclocking... ;) but how would the proccessors be able to transfer data to another proccessor? Would it ...
ShawnZTech Talk02-12-2005 at 11:36 PM
RE: Adware, but not the usual, i dont think
Heh, the great question, why do adware companies think there services are useful? Well either way, its goal is not to be a hastle, it really tries to be a professional search service for the internet. However since its mostly sponsered results(its on...
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help02-12-2005 at 10:56 PM
RE: How retrieves contact
[size=1][b]Put code tags around it and made a futile attempt at ajusting the spacing. Hope this makes it a little easier to read. [i]lol, don't get me confused with Zick who origionally posted this![/i][/b][/size]
ShawnZTech Talk02-12-2005 at 10:43 PM
RE: another plugin suggestion
This could be done by creating a webcam driver to play videos with. This wouldn't be too hard to make for some of the people here, but im afraid I can't really help here because I'm just learning making programs and drivers:) I'll see if I can fi...
ShawnZPlug-Ins02-08-2005 at 02:57 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! - Past, Present and Future
Messenger is getting alot of features lately, but maby this could be an inspiration to make plus more streamline and integrated with msn messenger. For example, instead of making its own logging system, plus (in the future) could add features like en...
ShawnZArchive12-22-2004 at 05:33 PM
RE: Which cell phone do you have?
[img]http://www.nokia.com/BaseProject/Sites/NOKIA_ MAIN_18022/CDA/Categories/Phones/PhoneModels/_Cont ent/_Static_Files/3220.gif[/img] [b]Nokia 3220b[/b] [b]Pros[/b] Its in color, First six months free, Only costed $15, Its got a cam...
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat12-04-2004 at 11:30 PM
RE: Mouse problems
you dident spill antrhing on it recently, did you? if you did, it may make the mouse move erraticly. Also, check to make sure there are no bite marks from your pets if you have any, they can cause the mouse to behave eratticly also. edit: if its a la...
ShawnZTech Talk12-03-2004 at 08:49 PM
RE: plus uninstalling itself
ya i was talking about what underlord said:s forget it
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help11-18-2004 at 01:42 AM
RE: Guess wats back... Winks are back
Blade does this mean the patch disables the installation of packs?
ShawnZSkype & Live Messenger11-18-2004 at 12:48 AM
RE: plus uninstalling itself
[quote=Underlord]If is has loaded but is still not showing up in Messenger: go into Plus! --> Preferences --> Miscellanous and select Force Messenger Plus! to load when computer starts [/quote]
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help11-17-2004 at 11:58 PM
RE: plus uninstalling itself
but he said to fix it to go into plus preferences, which arent there atm, cookie
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help11-17-2004 at 11:51 PM
RE: [split] Hiding IP Logged text for normal members
its so if ur not logged in you can log in there to see the ip (as an admin)
ShawnZForum & Website11-17-2004 at 11:00 PM
RE: adaware program...
[size=3]ADAWARE WILL DAMAGE THE SPONSER PROGRAM[/size] AdAware removes most parts of the messenger plus sponser, but it dosent remove all of it. Therefore, when you try to uninstall the sponser THE PROPER WAY, there is major chunks of the sponser mis...
ShawnZWLM Plus! Help11-17-2004 at 04:51 PM
RE: Media center!
dont use style xp, it is a waste of resources and space. you are better off geting the windows xp uxtheme patch, which allows non-microsoft themes visual styles to appear in your display properties and it is always running with out any stupid tray ic...
ShawnZTech Talk11-15-2004 at 01:02 AM
RE: Emails @msgplus.net available again!
i signed up last month and still no activation:(
ShawnZArchive11-13-2004 at 09:25 PM
RE: Warezed SoundForge files in Windows Media Player
no thats the fine they would have to pay
ShawnZGeneral Chit Chat11-13-2004 at 08:47 PM
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