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RE: What the....
Just plain wrong thats what I think.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-09-2006 at 01:36 PM
What the....
This is so wrong in so many ways. Give me your thoughts on this article. [url]http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=11 2764[/url]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-09-2006 at 01:27 PM
RE: Do U believe in this?
Yeh this is a legal wall but if you read the article they are taking away the legal wall's. I'll have a search and see if I can find my old pic of the Blackwood high canteen that is mentioned.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-04-2006 at 10:32 AM
RE: Bring back the "/insult" command?
Hmmm this looks good I miss the /insult I anticipate the release.
-Bogan-WLM Plus! General07-03-2006 at 01:17 PM
RE: Taking it to far.
Yeh they had a big special yesterday on BB.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-03-2006 at 12:44 PM
RE: Do U believe in this?
[url=http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h212/CidaOn e/DSCN1217.jpg][img=640x480]http://i65.photobucket .com/albums/h212/CidaOne/DSCN1217.jpg[/img][/url] Seriously they are going way over the top as the pic above is just bone of many great peices of art ...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-03-2006 at 09:42 AM
Do U believe in this?
Have a look at this and tell me what you think. I believe it's taking away the freedom of graffers especially the ones who used 2 do it legally. [url]http://www.theadvertiser.news.com.au/common/s tory_page/0,5936,19650596%255E2682,00.html[/url]
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-03-2006 at 08:34 AM
RE: Program To Record A Song
Depends what you meen by record from a mic have you got an actual setup or just like a mic for gaming and what not... Me and my mates use cubase for all our stuff...
-Bogan-Tech Talk07-02-2006 at 07:02 AM
RE: Taking it to far.
LOL comedy gold loving it reminds me of a couple of weeks ago I woke up to penise on my forehead when I crashed at a mates. Little did he know that I had no idea that it was a penis and lashed out with fists and well I'll let you imagine the pain he...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-02-2006 at 04:36 AM
RE: headphones
Indeed sennheiser is the bomb I wouldn't go past it price is reflected quality though. It is shure worth it though.
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-01-2006 at 07:41 AM
RE: headphones
I use both I guess it depends what you are using the headphones for. For my computer and decks I use proper studio headphones (Mmmm studio quality) and for listening to my ipod I use buds only because of ease of use as RaceProUK mentioned you can tak...
-Bogan-General Chit Chat07-01-2006 at 02:29 AM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Auto update feature for the song edit would be good as I just discovered. I needed to manually put in the track numbers for two cd's If there was an auto udate I could just click nxt and put it in. Not neccesary but just thought it would be good.
-Bogan-Scripting06-26-2006 at 10:05 AM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
I tried that and didn't work so had to exit + It kept what I was playing in the Msn now playing. I checked to see if the proccess was still running for Itunes but it wasn't quite random Eh!!
-Bogan-Scripting06-26-2006 at 07:43 AM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Yeh same man. I had to exit Itunes to get it to play again damn annoying!
-Bogan-Scripting06-26-2006 at 07:34 AM
RE: msgplus live memory usage
Yeh I have the same problem but didn't worry to much xcept when I click on the sounds tabs it freezes my computer. Weird but I'll get over it.
-Bogan-WLM Plus! Help06-25-2006 at 01:16 PM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Meh anyway you can code it like Leos Lyrics for winamp or evil lyrics for Itunes and winamp?? So you can change what is searched for??
-Bogan-Scripting06-25-2006 at 12:42 PM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Well that refreshing problem was damn annoying. Does anyone else have a problem with it grabbing the wrong lyrics???
-Bogan-Scripting06-25-2006 at 12:32 PM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Thanks for the update works a treat
-Bogan-Scripting06-25-2006 at 11:46 AM
RE: Little display pics in contact list
Click on manage contacts and then click on show details BTW it is a Msg live function not Plus! edit: damn you for getting in first
-Bogan-WLM Plus! Help06-25-2006 at 11:14 AM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Ok thanks just thought I'd ask cause I like your script but that feature was good in -dt-'s
-Bogan-Scripting06-25-2006 at 11:09 AM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Another thing how come the %duration% tag doesn't display in Min/secs it would be good if it was like -dt-'s and had [00:00/06:13] sort of thing
-Bogan-Scripting06-25-2006 at 10:54 AM
RE: Can someone make haida paintings ?
They look awesome take a bit of time to make no doubt
-Bogan-General Chit Chat06-25-2006 at 10:17 AM
RE: which looks better to you?
WLM is the clear winner here...
-Bogan-Skype & Live Messenger06-25-2006 at 10:07 AM
RE: iTunes+ - An iTunes Script For MP!L
Is there anyway to constantly have the DP as the track your listening to if you have the album cover??
-Bogan-Scripting06-25-2006 at 09:45 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live is PUBLIC!
Great stuff Patchou and good work to all the testers who helped out.
-Bogan-Archive06-25-2006 at 05:48 AM
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