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RE: DDP + Winks LAG!
How would you remove them if everytime you try to send one it freezes? As i would like to know this as well! (But then again i have about 222) :)
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-26-2005 at 03:22 PM
RE: what the ????
Ok try wot Absorbation said if not say it dosnt work. :)
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-26-2005 at 03:19 PM
RE: what the ????
Do you use Msg Plus fire transfer or the built in MSN's one
NathanSkype & Live Messenger05-26-2005 at 03:16 PM
RE: How to set up a home wireless network?
This is were Apple Mac comes in. The only decent thing on Mac is that Setting up wireless Network is dead easy! :O
NathanTech Talk05-26-2005 at 06:53 AM
RE: netowork noise
Does it? Well i've never heard it make a noise before.
NathanTech Talk05-26-2005 at 06:50 AM
RE: Liverpool won!
liverpool are the best yeahhhhhh all hail liverpool all kick ac milan
NathanGeneral Chit Chat05-26-2005 at 06:48 AM
RE: netowork noise
yer i no a baloon pops up but is there away to make it make a noise or a download any help would b grateful [hr]does anyone no a download or is there a tweak
NathanTech Talk05-25-2005 at 04:25 PM
RE: netowork noise
stop me going on at night lol id just like a beep or something so that i no that my mum has pulled my metwork cable out
NathanTech Talk05-25-2005 at 12:14 PM
netowork noise
hiya everyone erm im on a network and it is a annoying when my mum pulls the netowrk cable out. is there a add in so that it makes a noise when the internet cable is pulled out any suggestions would be great :):)
NathanTech Talk05-25-2005 at 12:05 PM
RE: Internet IE Explorer
i no i got that all ready does that do the same as tuning it urself i wonder????
NathanTech Talk05-24-2005 at 06:01 PM
RE: Internet IE Explorer
im probaly bieng a noob but on another post [url=http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?ti d=44310&page=1]here[/url] erm i have FF now so how do i tune FF i no it says but im confused could someone whos really nice help me out :D:D:D:D
NathanTech Talk05-24-2005 at 05:20 PM
RE: Internet IE Explorer
im going to delte this thread cos someone has just rated me negative for it
NathanTech Talk05-24-2005 at 04:52 PM
RE: I need help
ok ur welcome
NathanWLM Plus! Help05-24-2005 at 07:02 AM
RE: I need help
go to start then control panel then add and remove then look for msg then uninstall it
NathanWLM Plus! Help05-24-2005 at 06:54 AM
RE: Internet IE Explorer
could someone tell me how i can change it my internet explorer which is IE automatically downloads to My hard drive which is C:\ how can i change it so that it will download it to F:\ is there away
NathanTech Talk05-24-2005 at 06:22 AM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3.54 Released
were can u download it from
NathanArchive05-23-2005 at 11:55 PM
Internet IE Explorer
erm how shall i put this... which is better for ease of use and specs (as in features) and id like to no this my internet explorer which is IE automatically downloads to My hard drive which is C:\ how can i change it so that it will download it to ...
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 11:53 PM
RE: Delete...
ok thanks guys (and chicks if theres some lol)
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 10:24 PM
RE: Delete...
im probaly bieng noobish but how do u get up the boot ini thing and wot do u mean by redundant soz if im being a noob oh and... oh and for some reason my big hard drive is F and my small one is C y is this and how can i change this
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 10:16 PM
RE: Delete...
so could someone run me through how to delte xp then plz
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 09:49 PM
RE: Delete...
will that delete it though clever way though
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 09:41 PM
RE: Delete...
thanks everyone for supporting me
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 09:34 PM
RE: Windows xp
nooooooooo lol oh well thanks everyone ive just thought at my school they have accounts were limited accounts and the staff are sortof admin but the cant change or add acounts how do they do this
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 09:24 PM
RE: Delete...
and wot does that mean ^o) lol well the problem is that i cannot find away to get rid of it im on the new one now i think i put a thread in about a error in my old version something to do with a pirated copy but is there a simple way of doing or is t...
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 09:21 PM
RE: Delete...
it does cos one of my hd is acting as master when its not and its got no mem left
NathanTech Talk05-23-2005 at 09:12 PM
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