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RE: Ranks are in for Safest place to live!
damn u jimcando you proved me wrong:(
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-25-2005 at 08:10 PM
RE: Ranks are in for Safest place to live!
Studley is either the bigest or the smallest village in england and thats where i live btw :P
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-25-2005 at 07:49 PM
RE: A forum Spell checker.
As i am Dislexic lol i for one would use it on every post i make so i dont make a fool of myself :)
evil_pandaForum & Website09-25-2005 at 07:47 PM
RE: Signature Buttons
Nice site lol i like the fatman one :D
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-21-2005 at 08:06 PM
RE: Three Funny Jokes
The 3rd one sucks but the first one is so funny rofl :D
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-21-2005 at 08:00 PM
RE: Interested in desktop widgets?
Im feed up with widgets they were good when they came out but now there just genrally annoying lol :/
evil_pandaTech Talk09-21-2005 at 07:57 PM
RE: RITA... not again a Katrina
Thats really upsetting i serpose were really lucky not haveing natural desasters like that over here in England...:(
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-21-2005 at 07:55 PM
RE: Opera is now... free.
I cant change i love firefox...:banana:
evil_pandaTech Talk09-20-2005 at 09:48 PM
RE: [split] GTA San Andreas opinion
The GTA 1 was always the best where you had that great arial veiw lol ahhh legendary
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-20-2005 at 09:45 PM
RE: Favorite Sitcom?
MY WIFE AND KIDS + TWO GUYS AND A GIRL - They rule :banana:
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-20-2005 at 06:58 PM
RE: magical trevor 3
The first one is always going to be the best :P
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-20-2005 at 06:56 PM
RE: The MSAS petition has been sent
Whoooo spread the suport people nice one guys:P:banana:
evil_pandaArchive09-20-2005 at 06:55 PM
RE: Metal Gear Solid 4 Screenshots
I really have never been a fan of metal gear solid games i have always found them really hard to play i think i rented one from a blockbuster and found it really hard to play so i think that put me off...:)...but you guys can still have fun! :P
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-19-2005 at 05:58 PM
RE: Nightmares
I had a dream just yesturday where i was haveing sex with an unknown girl and my teacher (Mr. Leeds) was standing right behind me ahhhhhhhhhhh it was scary.
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-19-2005 at 05:37 PM
RE: New Messenger Discovery X
It seems okay i have never used it before and it is relativly simple to use.
evil_pandaSkype & Live Messenger09-19-2005 at 05:31 PM
RE: the last time you got drunk... (or other drunk experience stories)
lol mine was at the same time as negro.jo lol i got a can of fosters thrown at my ass then i vometed onm y mates lawn and then we started to say random things like HELLLLOOOOOO ANNNNNAAAAAAAA when there was nobody called anna there lol :P
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-18-2005 at 05:27 PM
RE: Your Most Memorable Forum Member/Moment
ummm...proberly traxor becasue he showed me the forums...and also stiggy cus ya know you just gotta love him lol :P:)
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-18-2005 at 02:15 PM
RE: Will women take over the world ?
Is it just me or is it scary that theres even the slightest chance that they might :cry:
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-18-2005 at 02:08 PM
RE: if you had 1 million dollers what would you do...
I would give everyone in my school (that i liked) a wonka bar!!!! :banana:
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat09-02-2005 at 08:37 PM
RE: how do you make your own animated picture
If you want you make stick men move about at stuff very simply i think just about anyone could do it. The program to do it is pivote its freewear and should be easy to fin if you google it. :)
evil_pandaTech Talk08-29-2005 at 04:49 PM
RE: Internet Explorer 7: First Impressions?
Ask traxor...
evil_pandaTech Talk07-29-2005 at 04:10 PM
RE: Tornado in Birmingham, England!
My granny lives in spark hill she got the full blow of it but she okay...her fire place lept out from the wall though...and she said that the sky went a very black colour and she knew something was wrong but then the house started to shake like a whi...
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat07-29-2005 at 04:01 PM
RE: War of the Internet
Google's so big soon it will rule the world :)
evil_pandaTech Talk07-28-2005 at 10:24 PM
RE: Internet Explorer 7: First Impressions?
I belive its way too mutch like mozzila but still it's nice but you still can t beat mozzila :P I shall never change browsers...
evil_pandaTech Talk07-28-2005 at 10:22 PM
RE: Childhood Television
Johny Bravo on cartoon network thats what rocked also wacky races was good :banana:
evil_pandaGeneral Chit Chat07-28-2005 at 10:20 PM
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