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RE: Aganist Racism
im not against Racism im not saying im racist but Racism i think is part of what you believe in and its your right to free speech Black people take racism over the top sometimes like if they dont get something there way they always say " youll do th...
DiscrateGeneral Chit Chat09-30-2005 at 09:37 AM
RE: Cafe Press help
ok and also on cafepress how do i change the price of the stuff im selling?
DiscrateTech Talk09-30-2005 at 06:48 AM
RE: Cafe Press help
how do i change the DPI in paint?[hr]and how can i make my wrighting bigger then 72 becuase i need the wrighting really really big
DiscrateTech Talk09-30-2005 at 05:05 AM
RE: The whats your browser look like thread.
fixfox noia extreme
DiscrateGeneral Chit Chat09-29-2005 at 02:17 PM
RE: Cafe Press help
i would like help right now lol but thansk anyway any one else help?
DiscrateTech Talk09-29-2005 at 02:12 PM
Cafe Press help
I need some help with cafe press. you know how u can put wrighting on your t-shirts and i read the maunal thing and it said u have to save you wrighting as png and the Dpi must be 300 how do i change the dpi of the wrighting?
DiscrateTech Talk09-29-2005 at 12:43 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Future
i would be really sad come on mayby in the near future msn will bring out a new messenger that has new features then ull have to come along and put beter features on !! :( ok what other projects u workin on?
DiscrateWLM Plus! General09-28-2005 at 04:16 PM
RE: Giant Squid Photographed - 26ft long
wow imagen the calimaria on that yum!!
DiscrateGeneral Chit Chat09-28-2005 at 04:05 PM
RE: Next release
yer well it was just a thought cuase patchou is gonna ahve a hard time thinking of what to put on next :)
DiscrateWLM Plus! General09-28-2005 at 04:04 PM
Next release
I no this is a bit early but has patchou got any ideas of what might the next release have or does anyone have any ideas of what they would like in the next one? i would like to be able to actually call someone up on the messenger and talk to them if...
DiscrateWLM Plus! General09-28-2005 at 03:59 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3.60 has been released
ummm the tab does go orange when someone replyes to you:o
DiscrateArchive09-28-2005 at 03:55 PM
Where do you give rep to people i couldnt see the button?
DiscrateForum & Website09-28-2005 at 03:27 PM
RE: [RELEASED] MEWS: Messenger Web Services plugin
Great work (Y)
DiscratePlug-Ins09-28-2005 at 03:14 PM
RE: Computer choice/help
i think you should go for the intel
DiscrateTech Talk09-28-2005 at 03:12 PM
RE: Ranks
thanks ;):D
DiscrateForum & Website09-28-2005 at 03:08 PM
hey everyone, On this forum how do the ranks go like what are the ranks and how many posts do u need to achieve each one?
DiscrateForum & Website09-28-2005 at 03:04 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 3.60 has been released
great realease pathou great job love the tabed covos cant wait to the next release :)
DiscrateArchive09-28-2005 at 02:58 PM
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