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RE: We'll need people to translate the plug-in file to other prgram languages
Well i've just looked through all the C++ (you can download it at mess.be) for the plugin building type thing and SHIT ITS hARD! omg. Whoever makes it for VB i'll worship them forever"!
segosaPlug-Ins07-02-2003 at 03:15 PM
RE: We'll need people to translate the plug-in file to other prgram languages
I hope someone does VB... I havent learnt it for nothing you know!!! :-/
segosaPlug-Ins07-02-2003 at 06:57 AM
RE: Forums: Scheduled Downtime
Ah it'll be great when you get the new server :)
segosaArchive06-09-2003 at 05:49 PM
RE: MsgPlus! Forum Message Maker
I found the secret area within 1 minute of opening the program.
segosaForum & Website06-06-2003 at 03:43 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 2.10.36a
Am I in those 10 people? Coz if not then you've missed someone out... In school i installed the sponsor program, to test, coz you know, school comps are useless, :p and it installed properly, and it uninstalled properly, although the Message boxes ...
segosaArchive06-05-2003 at 06:09 AM
RE: Go see Matrix Reloaded
Yes SIR! :)
segosaGeneral Chit Chat05-18-2003 at 04:18 PM
RE: Suggestions needed!!
Ur uptime sucks;), this is mine: 14 days, 13 hours, 8 minutes, 35 seconds :) ;)
segosaArchive05-18-2003 at 06:22 AM
RE: Suggestions needed!!
Oooooooh brilliant idea! i never thought about that! that would be pretty simple to implement, and useful (Y) great idea, i think (!UTIME) is a better tag coz u can use it in a quick text unlike /uptime
segosaArchive05-17-2003 at 03:02 PM
RE: Suggestions needed!!
1. Control + S will make your text Strikeout! 2. Custom name for /me command! I asked u this a while ago and you said that you didnt have time for it 3. Maximise Contact list manager 4. "Block & Delete" Button on contact list manager 5. (!WAT) upda...
segosaArchive05-17-2003 at 01:13 PM
RE: Sounds - new fix - everyone read!
worked fine before, works fine now
segosaWLM Plus! Bug Reports04-30-2003 at 04:34 PM
RE: Sound problem? here is the fix!
They worked before and they work now...
segosaWLM Plus! Bug Reports04-29-2003 at 05:58 AM
RE: News about Messenger Plus!
"member"? lol
segosaArchive04-18-2003 at 06:18 AM
RE: News about Messenger Plus!
lol, its easy if its human players, even I, the VB n00b, managed to make a noughts and crosses game in VB. I attached it :p
segosaArchive04-16-2003 at 06:39 AM
RE: News... at last! :)
and please add all those great suggestions made by me in the suggestions forum!!!!!!! :D http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=658 2
segosaArchive03-22-2003 at 06:03 PM
RE: News... at last! :)
YaY! I can't wait for the next version!!!!!! :D
segosaArchive03-21-2003 at 07:03 AM
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