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RE: [Updated] Live Notifier V1.10 (formerly Convo Notifier)
Here is the fix for your language ;)
MX-GScripting08-06-2006 at 07:15 PM
RE: Screenshot Sender 5 Release Candidate 1 RELEASED (2011-09-06)!
wow, Thanks!!!!!!!!!! :banana::banana::banana:
MX-GScripting08-06-2006 at 05:04 PM
RE: [Updated] Live Notifier V1.10 (formerly Convo Notifier)
the turkish translation crash the script ;)
MX-GScripting08-06-2006 at 04:52 PM
RE: [Updated] Live Notifier V1.10 (formerly Convo Notifier)
Ok, gonna try it in a few of minutes, thnks 4 the info ;) done: Thanks mickael9
MX-GScripting08-05-2006 at 01:35 AM
RE: [Updated] Live Notifier V1.10 (formerly Convo Notifier)
MX-GScripting08-04-2006 at 09:25 PM
RE: [Updated] Live Notifier V1.10 (formerly Convo Notifier)
Here is the spanish translation :D
MX-GScripting08-04-2006 at 06:32 PM
RE: Windows XP Themes
well, you can try this software Style XP www.tgtsoft.com , there are many XP Themes, but you need to pay for them :(, and here are anothers sites: http://www.xpthemes.com/ http://www.wincustomize.com/ http://xpthemes.qarchive.org/
MX-GTech Talk08-03-2006 at 08:24 PM
RE: [Updated] Live Notifier V1.10 (formerly Convo Notifier)
wow, thanks, i'm gonna try it :D
MX-GScripting08-03-2006 at 03:40 PM
RE: [Release] EmoMensajes
MX-GScripting07-26-2006 at 05:51 AM
RE: [RELEASE] wcap 0.1.2 (Screenshot Sender)
Nice segosa, thanks :D
MX-GScripting07-24-2006 at 08:46 PM
RE: [SUGGESTION] save settings upgrade
indeed, that's a good idea :cheesy: (talking about saving scripts)
MX-GWLM Plus! Help07-23-2006 at 06:48 AM
RE: WAM (Windows Aero Messenger)
Nice :p, gonna try in other computer :P, thnks
MX-GSkype & Live Messenger07-23-2006 at 06:45 AM
RE: Script in Dutch
OMG, thanks SonicSam :cheesy:
MX-GScripting07-21-2006 at 02:11 AM
RE: [Release] Imitate
:O, it's pretty good :), thnks
MX-GScripting07-20-2006 at 10:58 PM
Script in Dutch
well, i'm interested in this script http://www.msgpluslive.net/scripts/browse/index.ph p?act=view&id=36 but it's only in french, and i don't speak it can any translate it to english or spanish???, it looks very interesting but i don't know how it ...
MX-GScripting07-20-2006 at 08:29 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! Live 4.01... tada!
Downloading, you're the best Patch :D
MX-GArchive07-17-2006 at 02:31 AM
RE: Whats Your Favourite Drink?
I want one :D
MX-GGeneral Chit Chat07-16-2006 at 10:01 PM
RE: delay about 25 sec. while openin ms live with plus
agithrax i have a question for you, do you have Messenger Discovery Installed?, because when it loads with your Windows Live Messenger makes it so slow, i don't think that MsgPlus! Live do that, that's why i'm doing this question for you.
MX-GWLM Plus! Help07-16-2006 at 07:10 PM
RE: Messenger Plus! 4.01 Release Date
i think that the most important is the Emoticon Panel :) you can read this :P: http://shoutbox.menthix.net/showthread.php?tid=632 05&page=1
MX-GWLM Plus! General07-16-2006 at 05:57 AM
RE: I want this theme
oO?, but, where is the torrent?
MX-GGeneral Chit Chat07-16-2006 at 05:20 AM
RE: Whats Your Favourite Drink?
[img]http://www.lavina.com.mx/cerveza/media/modelo .jpg[/img] :D
MX-GGeneral Chit Chat07-16-2006 at 01:33 AM
RE: 1 Nick, on tabbed conversations and other options
:/, you're rigth, i didn't know that, thanks NiteMare :)
MX-GWLM Plus! Bug Reports07-14-2006 at 03:22 AM
1 Nick, on tabbed conversations and other options
I don't know exactly how the nicks in the tabs have been changed to the number "1", i think than it was happen before i blocked a contacts [img]http://img53.imageshack.us/img53/7578/dibujo0 ol.gif[/img] OMG, i was discovered than the number 1 is in...
MX-GWLM Plus! Bug Reports07-14-2006 at 03:15 AM
RE: What's up doc?
nah, release it :P, it's ok, it doesn't need more vista compatibility :P
MX-GArchive07-13-2006 at 10:43 PM
RE: What's up doc?
OMG, great news :D
MX-GArchive07-13-2006 at 10:34 PM
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