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[request] Games in the "Show media"
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RE: RE: [request] Games in the "Show media"
Originally posted by MeEtc
Appmon+ does this

Yes it does, but it doesn't set the Now Playing message properly since the formatting change in WLM9. In the case of my tweaked AppMon+, the problem can be easily fixed by distributing the information displayed, as if either the title or artist parameters are blank it'll look weird:

(8) - In Game - Half-Life 2

I solved this by splitting the input string by the hyphen and putting "In Game" in the title field and the game's title in the artist field:

(8) In Game - Half-Life 2

Of course, that wouldn't work if the title in AppMon+ was just Half-Life 2, so I just put "In Game - " in front of all the game entries. If you just wanted to use AppMon+ for monitoring games you could simply hard-code that in, but I might add in other applications to the list later on.

EDIT: There are also some other annoying habits that AppMon+ has. For example it keeps setting your display picture every once in a while, leading to a huge amount of the same picture in the DP list. I went around getting rid of all the references to setting/resetting the DP in the script, hopefully that'll fix it.

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