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Contacts not coming online
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O.P. Contacts not coming online
I recently changed the email of my live account (since I changed domains) and I waited for over an hour before signing back into WLM (they suggest you wait this long).

However when I signed in, no one was online at all, even though just an hour before hand before I changed emails, I had alot of people online. This isnt that unusual since sometimes you have to wait until they sign out then back in before they appear online.

But its been almost a week now and 75% of my contacts still havent come online, even though I know for a fact that they have been on WLM. I tried deleting all my contacts then re-importing them, but that hasnt seemed to help much. The majority still seem to be offline.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? I tried looking on the help website but I've already tried all their solutions and it hasnt helped.


EDIT: Interestingly, when I sign into Windows Live I can see their PSM updates, which suggests I am connected to them, but they are not appearing online to me :S

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