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realign audio/video
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O.P. realign audio/video
does anybody know how to realign audio and video on a movie that the audio has slown down slightly or something so that the sound no longer matches the persons lips, right now the video i downloaded starts out fine but as it goes on it gets worse and worse, its now up to like 1 second difference from when you hear some one say something and when you see them say it
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10-09-2005 04:51 AM
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RE: realign audio/video
Im sure virtualdub can do this if i remember correctly.
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10-09-2005 07:20 AM
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RE: realign audio/video
It sounds as if the video isn't running at the correct frame rate - if you don't know what it should be I think virtualdub can calculate it by matching the audio length to the video length.

(The other possibility is someone reencoded the audio using a source with a variable bitrate - you'll know if this is the case if the audio drifts in and out of sync. I'm not sure how to solve this one.)
10-09-2005 10:47 AM
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RE: realign audio/video
If you play the video with VideoLAN (www.videolan.org) you can adjust it by a certain amount of milliseconds when you need to.

(If what you downloaded was the TCM release of Lost S02E03, you might want to adjust by -500 ms every 10 minutes or so.. or better yet, download the repack or LOL release)
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10-09-2005 01:05 PM
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