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Which OS is better?
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RE: RE: Which OS is better?
Originally posted by vaccination
Okay my post got deleted for some reason. I repeat:

Originally posted by effection
(not vista! its just a copy of a Mac xD)

And I add; Seriously, no. Reasons why you think this please?

Really, your concern *IS* justified. If they had copied OS X, Vista would be a lot nicer than it is. Much the same as if Linus had ripped from MINIX, Linux would be much nicer than it is.

When the Windows display library exposes APIs for PDF rendering and alpha channel control, when Windows has a multi-user kernel, when it's got an access control system that's actually usable, and when it has an open source kernel, we might be able to say that they've stolen from OS X.

They've taken a bog-filled NT 5 kernel, jammed a user-override method onto the permissions system, given it some new curtains and thrown it out the door. So it has a few of the rather ordinary features of OS X, like the desktop search. We can talk about relational file systems if you like, and all the things Vista should have or could have been, but let's face it, Windows still hasn't caught up to the standard OS X was back in 2000.

Copying would have been the smart thing to do once they realised what they were going to have to sell.

[Something in the way I'm writing lately makes me think I should take a vacation. I'm sorry for being moody and opinionated at the same time, it's not a good thing.]
was put impeccably into words at DebianDay for me last Saturday, by Knut Yrvin of Trolltech - adults try something once, fail, and then are like "ffs this doesn't work". Children try, fail, and then try again, and succeed - maybe on the second, or even fifth retry. But the thing is that they keep at it and overcome the problems in the end.

06-29-2007 09:48 AM
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