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Are Winters Getting Worse?
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RE: Are Winters Getting Worse?
total snow fall this [winter] in moncton, new brunswick has hit over 100 cm, and its only the beginning of january, thats more snow then we've gotten all last year, and maybe the year before combined

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RE: Are Winters Getting Worse?
We've had our own abnormal weather as well.

I'm down in North Central Texas, DFW area to be precise. This June, we've had more rain the the entire year of what we're suppose to get. Talk about a monsoon season for us when we rarely get that much rain at all during the summer. Some tend to be dry, but some are wet.. We've had a fairly bad drought for a while now and the rain is a welcome sight, just too much can do damage.

Our winter though, vary sometimes. Last year was really cold, while this year it's just mild. Although, we have had a couple cold snaps for this winter where it was a 80 degree F for a high, and suddenly, we get 50 F for a high the next day. That's how our weather can be...

For the area I live in, we have some very unstable weather, so we could have a bad year at any time. Not to toot my own horn though, but we haven't had any tornado reports either in my area. o.O At least, for the year of 2007. Couple times has scared me, but nothing official came up. Maybe 2008 will hold a surprise for me, so who knows....

(Yes, I study weather, so I can get some historical data on places on the web. Actually, anyone could do that, it's not hard to find. XD)
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01-02-2008 10:00 PM
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RE: Are Winters Getting Worse?
Australia doesn't get winters + its summer here all the time

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01-02-2008 10:08 PM
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