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Interesting facts about yourself
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RE: RE: Interesting facts about yourself
Originally posted by Bilbo
-I have never been out of canada (went into american waters, but that doesn't count)

Same thing only opposite :D

-has been labeled grammar nazi because of spelling accuracy and corrections.
-Is the first person ever to think of using the username "Soaring Dragon" or any of it's forms (Look Soardra up on google, all of them are me)
-has a habit of bouncing leg up and down randomly (got the habit from dad)
-hates eating reheated food (except for mashed potatoes)
-is never truly bored (I always am doing or thinking of SOMETHING)
-hates drinking out of a plastic cup (especially milk DO NOT WANT!)
-very sensitive to light contrast (Hate driving at night...the light hurts my eyes)
-can use a high pitched voice without hurting self
-has never broken a bone in my body
-has a scar over right eye from running into a clothes rack when I was a kid.
-only time I've ever had stitches was in my mouth after getting wisdom teeth removed
-is good at writing but has gotten D's and Fs in english because I don't like writing what I'm told to write *-)
-gets distracted very easily (I've had 17 things open at once on this laptop before...got REALLY laggy D: )
-has never kissed a guy EVER (boyfriend lives in Sweden)
-is afraid of squishing bugs (except mosquitoes)
-will intentionally squish myself into an enclosed space instead of an open one (Not a fear of open spaces...just prefer comfiness)
-has never finished a Zelda game
-sleeps on a water bed with four fleece blankets and a quilt (yay for Michigan weather -_-)
-collects vintage coins in a hat box
-can draw, but has never taken an art class in life (Deviantart)
-I R NINJA! (I know some Aikido and I can walk silently. I'm so still sometimes that people don't notice me...I can also make a ninja mask out of a black t-shirt :P)
-txt talk confuses me as does run-on sentences
-has a habit of disappearing from forums unless I am reminded of the forum daily via MSN
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03-07-2008 05:16 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
I touch my face all the fucking time. Like at least once every minute or if I'm doing something like typing then I'll do it when I finish. Sucks when my hands are dirty from working =[

I'll tell anyone to fuck off. Once got bottled because of it =p
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03-07-2008 06:36 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
I like to sit in the dark.
I like to do absolutely nothing.
I find life meaningless.
I make jokes no one understands and then I just embarrass myself.
I don't like large groups of people.

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Anonymous is the leader of ShawnZ.

True. But deep down, we all know.
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03-07-2008 06:45 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
i sometimes think about things in code... like all coloured and tabbed and shit... like when someone says something like function in maths... its like really annoying ]=

dont really know any others but yea
03-07-2008 07:01 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
I once got my leg kinda stuck in lift doors on my mums wedding day and had to go to hospital in my bridesmaid dress

I'm a perfectionist, everything has to be in order, straight and square and stuff. (except in my room 8-))

I can eat loads and loads and put on hardly any weight :P without excersise

I have an unhealthy addiction... but i dont think its unhealthy but thats really not to be spoken about... 8-)

I disect most of my food... e.g. when I eat a sausage roll i open it up, eat the sausage in segments and then roll the pastry up and eat it... :D

im really not that interesting
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03-07-2008 07:57 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
Lazy as fuck.

Can't eat in the mornings, else I'm likely sick - though these tablets sometimes stop me from being sick, but I still feel horrible after eating.

Don't eat enough

Like to prove people wrong

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03-07-2008 07:58 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
  • I've never been abroad!  - although goin in benidorm in about 2 weeks.
  • I had Leaukemia - still dunno how to spell it!
  • i used to eat power paint at school
  • it takes a lot to make me angry/wound up, when my mates see me like it, they know its bad!
  • I had a bouncy castle and face paints at my 21st party!
  • although I've only had a drink 4 nights this year, some mates used to think I was an alcoholic.
  • Dempsey is my actual surname, its surprising how many people have asked me if its a nickname and where I got it from.
  • I've never touched any drugs or even had a drag of a cigarette

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03-07-2008 08:51 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
Never broken or sprained a bone or anything.
Very rarely watch TV.
Enjoy a train ride instead of driving.
Cannot eat after waking up for a few hours.
Do not eat enough.
Never used a computer until i was 11.
...there used to be a signature here :)
03-07-2008 09:25 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
- I've had the same necklace around my neck for 10 years straight. Don't even take it off for the night and it has never been broken.
- I am addicted to coffe
- When it comes to drawing, everything just needs to come out perfect. If not, I toss the drawing and don't draw for a few weeks.
- I like knives. I want to learn to throw them into stuff.
- My wallet has to go into my right pocket.
You're still breathing? Why?
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03-07-2008 10:31 AM
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RE: Interesting facts about yourself
- I talk too much, all of my friends and tutors agree with me on this one!
- I am the laziest person ever and never finish projects
- If I have a deadline to do something by, that's pretty much when I start it
- I have never been outside of the UK
- I have a pedantic nature, especially when it comes to linguistics ("grammar nazi")
- I have never drunk alcohol or smoked anything, and I fail to see any reason to do so...
- I see patterns (mostly faces) in random things (my good friend Wikipedia just told me it's called Pareidolia)
- Like dt, I hate eating with metal spoons (and also drinking from cans)
- I don't like fizzy drinks (they make my eyes water)
- I search for just about everything in Wikipedia, and then lose hours from clicking on so called "related articles" :P
- I have a full collection of Star Wars Tazos/pogs \o/
- I will often spend hours finding a way to simplify/automate a task which would take a few minutes
- I have never broken any bones (although this would be more interesting if I had)

I can't think of much stuff that I would consider "interesting", this took ages to write :P
03-07-2008 10:39 AM
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