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Messenger Plus 5: Extreamly Dissapointed.
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RE: Messenger Plus 5: Extreamly Dissapointed.
i agree with Chrissy.  just hack into it an find this so called " list "
02-13-2011 09:45 PM
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RE: Messenger Plus 5: Extreamly Dissapointed.
............ Grow the **** up everybody.

Feature list is none of your business! If you can't even think of reasons why companies don't release features list, then you're in no damn position to be writing about Yuna in the first place!

It's so sad to hear you guys moaning and moaning about what? The fact that the site is not the most amazing w3c complying design ever made? Sucks! Does it still work? Oh wait. Yes. Is is still in progress? Yes. Have a good amount of details been changed to accommodate users and beta tester's requests? YES.

All that wait for a Plus! that's only compatible with the new WLM build and a new GUI..?!!! Do you guys even know the minimum amount of work required to get to where it is right now..? Do you guys even know all the time it takes to get offices, new employees, new companies all settled in?! A lot of things changes, some things are faster to change than others.

FFS, if everything is so damn easy, and that Yuna "is ruining everything Patchou worked for" just go on and start your own add-on software, develop it to half of what Plus! does today, and let us know so we can start moaning for more features.

Yes things have changed on some levels, and yet, Yuna still is caring enough to listen to the community! Look around, you'll notice a couple of well known members are actually WORKING for them now. Testers are still testing, and as far as I read, there has been no "NO!" reply to any request made. The worst thing that went around is "It's still work in progress".

Yes, this new company may not bend to all of your desires, but they're still giving us rope to play with, and the only thing you guys are doing are hanging yourselves with it.

Stop calling everyone that take's Yuna defense a kiss ass. We all like and dislike stuff about them, but at least we're grown enough to face reality: this is now a company that needs to generate revenue. 

There's a lot of good things in store, and there are things that will disappoint you. Just give your feedback in a proper and nice manner, if they take it? GREAT. If they don't? They don't! And if it upsets you so much that they don't, that you can't live anymore, that the whole point of existing is down to nothing but complaining on boards all day because you can't stand how damn shitty the software has gotten, then stop using it and let us enjoy a FREEWARE that millions of people adore to the level of not upgrading to the latest WLM version because they couldn't live without the SAME DAMN SET OF FEATURE that you guys seem to find too little now!!

02-14-2011 06:14 AM
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