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Spider Man 3 Teaser!
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RE: Spider Man 3 Teaser!
Originally posted by Time
No, they broke the main principle of Spiderman's existence. He showed his face to a train full of people. Bad film. And one was only marginally better. This "new" CGI they use is pathetic and impossible to watch. It's badly acted and the scripts aren't much better... poor dialogue, bad camera usage, etc. Ugh.

Utter bollocks, just by showing his face at one point doesn't completely ruin the principle of Spiderman's existance. Spiderman's "principle" is to fight crime generally be a hero, not to conceal himself beneath the mask. Just because about 15 people saw his face doesn't change a thing, it wasn't his fault and it was just going along with the storyline. Plus, it's quite an emotional part of the story, as it shows people what they didn't expect, and that Peter Parker is really just a scared and shy kid, until he puts on the Spiderman mask.

The actors throughout both of the films are excellent, it feels just like the original comic books and the cartoons, both the way people look and their personas.

The target audience is for children and teenagers remember, the dialogue isn't going to be complicated, it's got to be easy to understand with a simple storyline.

The camera usage and the computer graphics are decent I think, especially the sway camera that they used so that they actually had the video of a camera swinging around Manhattan. The CG isn't too good in Spiderman 1 but they're good in Spiderman 2. The closeups etc. in both of the films are similar to that of a comic book, if you've ever read a comic book, then you'd know that there are such things as closeups of the face with the blurred background used quite a lot... You'll know what I mean if you watch the film and then look at a comic book.
06-28-2006 09:12 PM
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RE: Spider Man 3 Teaser!
First of all it's Spider-Man.... with a hyphen. It always has been and always will be with a hyphen.

Second of all, yeah, even in the recnt comic books, in the Civil War arch, Spider-Man stood before a press conference and unmasked himself. On purpose. I hate it when people complain about the train scene, Spidey is perhaps the hero that most loses his mask of all. I mean they joke about it all the time.

"Is there ANYONE who doesn't know your secret identiy, Parker?"
"Aw, shaddup"
06-28-2006 09:22 PM
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