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msn keeps logging out
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RE: msn keeps logging out
The best thing I found so far is this site.


Basically it says to  Cntrl Alt Del  to get to your task managers and then end any process running msgexec

Before I was logging out every 2 seconds. Still going strong now after 10 minutes after doing this!

The site also lists some other things you can do if this does not work...but so far working for me and very easy to do unlike stuff above.
Well my last posting above disregard. I am logging out again and when I went to download the registry cleaning at their recommended site in the blog, it wants you to buy the problem. Big fat gimmick.

Back to sq 1. I wish MSN would clear up this problem it is a pain.
Ok so what I did now is to uninstall the recent msn version and install an older version. Sorry did not keep the page for the older version but just do a google search. I think this is the only way. The new windows live has glitches that will not work w/ some operating systems. The older version seems to be working find.
10-31-2010 09:12 PM
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RE: msn keeps logging out
MSN keeps signing out?

Shut down Windows Live Messenger.

Click Start
Click Run
Enter: %appdata%\microsoft
Click OK.

Then right click the MSN Messenger folders, choose Delete, and then confirm the operation.

(This may not work for everyone but I would say has an approximate 50% success rate so if it helps at least half of you it's worth trying. If it does not resolve the issue following the exact instructions you may wish to try it again but rebooting your computer before logging into messenger again)

Hope this helps, good luck all!
03-17-2011 01:11 AM
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RE: RE: msn keeps logging out
Originally posted by owenjay89

having the same problem. msn live messenger continually logs in and out to the point where you can't have a conversation with anyone as the minute you say hi it logs out!

have tried everything mentioned, we have just disabled zone alarm to check whether this makes any difference.

i don't get it, my sons msn runs fine and i can run msn from my laptop and my husbands but no matter what we try my daughters just won;t stay connected.

My sons desktop has been serviced by an expert in the last few weeks who removed zonealarm and added another system instead so i am wondering if this could be the problem...he also removed loads ofc*** that teenagers have a habit of downloading without thinking about!, which may be why his works so well now!!

any updates would be gratefully received

Zone Alarm is a piece of shit :D I say get rid of it even if it's not causing MSN to repeatedly sign out. It is going to screw something else up, trust me.
12-12-2012 11:39 AM
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